Avoids Cheating

Avoids Cheating
How do we go to Pagudpud, Philippines without cheating?

My Thailand Girlfriend has been surfing the internet and reading the Lonely Planet trying find an acceptable Hotel in Pagudpod, Philippines. We are on Hotel Budget of 600-800 Baht per night for two people. This is the room budget we have paid at the beaches of Thailand,

17.50 -23.50 US Dollar
600-800 Baht
850 - 1125 Pesos

I personally I should be tarred and feathered, ran out of town on a rail for admitting we may pay these prices. I feel like I am completely letting down the Backpacker community when I pay more than 10 dollars per night for a room, whether one or two people in the room.

What is great about Thailand, I can often go down to 3-5 dollars per day to offset the more expensive days, however here in the Philippine the average room price has teetered around 900 Peso level, wheter single or alone.

Here is my Thailand Girlfriends great and truly insightful way of viewing cheating. I agree 100 percent with her views on cheating, if something is difficult to understand and then do, it is cheating.

Thanks from Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vigan, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Saturday, August 8, 2009
Vigan Hotel

Map of Pagudpud, Philippines, often called the “Boracay of the North.”

Map of Pagudpud, Philippines

Cheating is a type of lie and stealing your money.

By Thailand Girlfriend, no name given.

My Mom sick and I need money to take care Mom, but the truth is she just want money for something else.

How do we go to Pagudpud without cheating?
- What and how do they cheating you?
1. Price of bus ticket
2. Price of small truck/motorcycle/taxi around the city
3. Price of room
4. Quality of room and the price that you pay

Some of solutions for avoid the cheating

1. Price of bus ticket
- searching from internet or tourist information center
- ask another passenger about the price do they pay in the same city that you want to go
If you can find, just ask how many hour or how distance do they take bus and compare your price
with their hour/distance
- read or ask the price from many company and look at the real bus compare with their ticket price.
Some time ticket same price/not much different but seat or type of bus really big difference.

2. Price of small truck/motorcycle/taxi around the city
- walk away from the bus station, it usually get a normal price and you can should taxi that you
want, not just old/bad taxi which sit around the bus station to waiting good tourist who always
say yes.
- ask local ppl on the bus before get off or local ppl around the bus station
Exp. By Tricycle in Vigan, It’s twenty peso from bus station to hotel (about a kilometer) but
tricycle ask 500 peso for survey ten hotel around Vigan (there is about 10 blocks or not more than
500 squaremeters) It’s not mean every driver bad but you have to keep asking till you find honest
one or normal price its should be.

3. Price of room
- ask bus driver/ppl on the bus from previous city. It’s possible to find the person who move city to
city example salesman, branch manager etc they usually live with their budget.
- taxi
- lonely planet
- walk in the hotel to ask the price
- searching from internet
- tourist information center
- ask local people
- sign, it usually have sign of hotel between town to town, bus station, big market/department store,
some junctions
- Analysis the map, normal or cheap hotel always put them another block of expensive hotel
to make ppl have a choice. So give you a chance to find some.
- take a taxi for tour around city/street of hotel
- ask hotel where you find hotel for the price you can pay
- negotiate price to hotel
- live with the local live
- get the single room for two person
- make the decision how much you can pay for room
- stop thinking about your money and my money but good decision for both
- wait out the owner of hotel

4. Quality of room and the price that you pay
- searching from internet or tourist information center
- look at the room
- compare with another hotel




This is over budget any way we do it, the country feels like a bad deal.

Villa Del Mar
We found in the Lonely Planet, the searched on the internet for a webpage.

Lonely Planet says
Telephone 0920 553 4161 Number does not work
1400 Fan
1700 AC .

We found on Internet:

Cheapest price on Internet is 1700

Imelda Benemerito-Llanes
No answer 3:06 PM

Elizabeth Benemerito
Talked to her, I asked, what is the cheapest room for two people?
She says,
Then she said -1800
Then she said 1200.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Northridge Resort
1500 P
Telephone - 0920 220 5089
- I called the number, they women said the room with AC for 2 people is 800 Peso
Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thanks, this is a work in process, we will go to Pagudpud, Philippines beach tomorrow. I personally feel this is a lot of work just to see a Philippines beach and hope it is nice. My Thailand girlfriend is a tourist anyway I look at it, she is frustrated, it is difficult for here to pay money to go somewhere that is not a sure thing.

Tourist enjoy their vacations, they choose sure things.
Traveler see the real world, we read between the lies.

Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
And My Thai Girlfriend

Avoids Cheating


The two times we went to Pagudpud we drove and I remember checking out a few palces before finding one for P1000. The TIP in a seldom visited location like Pagudpud and for that matter almost all the coastal resort areas in Luzon is for YOU the guest to TELL the caretaker, manager, resort staff that you need a P1000 room or you need a P700 room PERIOD. Dont forget whatEVER the published room rates are in the Philippines its always possible to pay from 1/3 to 1/2 especially if its low season like now AND quite often the owners NOT there so the staff are stealing or rather need money for themselves as their salaries might be irregular.

Tip 2, Never walk around checking out places to stay with your backpack or luggage otherwise youre THREE TIMES LESS LIKELY to be granted a discount simple human nature and poker player psychology because the resort staff thinks youre pay their ed rate rather than lug around the weight. So if 2 or more people are traveling then one person stay with the baggage / backpacks and the other hike around looking at places to stay and bargaining. It helps alot when seeking a discount if you are staying from 5 to 10 days and willing to pay for the whole stay in advance.

GOOD LUCK! Thailands always been a great place to travel but the Philippines will ALWAYS be HOME.


Student nurses, I would also recommend this as a way of finding nice girls.

Thanks Jd,
Andy and Thai Girl now in Laoag City, one of the Bus Hubs of North Luzon, as best I can figure, Baguio and Laoag City are where you try to reach.



Northridge Resort called us, this was very nice of them, we are in Laoag. They was worried we coming today as I told them. They said very windy and the Hotel has no power, the weather here in Philippine is rainy and threatening typhoons. August 9, 2009. Andy of HoboTraveler.com


Hoz, does Max Restaurant serve Filipino food, we went in their for breakfast and was confused by the menu. Gai has eaten Philippine food three times in Vigan because she wants vegetables and rice. However, there is no names on the food, it is not easy to learn the names of foods or get explanations.

I guess we could find some names on the internet, then go search for it.

Page Turner

OLD FASHINED COOK Good to know you have not been blown away or hurt in typhoon. Let yourself be surprised at what comes out on your plate as long as it is fit for human consumption. Need your strength to travel with a fiesty woman.


Max, that is great idea, I will try it, truly an inspiration. Couch surfing would allow me to live free, however maybe I do not like the person. With your strategy I would already like the cleaning person and it would be fun.