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Asia Explained with a Sign

Asia Explained with a Sign
Asia is as dysfunctional at they get, I have spent thousands of dollars in treatment centers, sat on my butt listening for years to understand signs like this … Society took it pound of flesh to force me to learn what this sign means. I was on house arrest for one year, they took away my drivers license for 10 years to make me concentrate and understand this sign. I am a recovering alcoholic, I have been sober for 22 years.

Here is a sign that explains everything you need to know about the Philippines, if you understand this sign you are prepared to be a world traveler, there is a reason why some countries are poor, culturally doomed.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Monday, July 27, 2009


I am living in Hotel, this is the sign inside the laundry area attached to the Hotel, a Hotel that does not allow me to clean my clothes in the room. This is the second time I have found a sign like this in the Philippines, and I admit it is as stupid as life can get.

Do they want me to bite, this is the stuff that made Johnny Carson and Jay Leno famous.

I am tired, someone explain the logistical problems with this sign, how Asia can create a no win situation out of something simple like the laundry.

Asia Explained with a Sign


I deleted a few comments, I guess there are not many travelers in the crowd, and I just got people angry, wow what fun, the Brits would have a fun taking the Piss with these people.

This sign is tantamount to the saying in Thailand,
- Same Same but different.

The sign says,
- Mutual Hygienic Protection -

It for sure is better for the laundry, there is no benefit for me at all. In a Nigeria sort of way, they are trying to convince me a bad thing is a good thing.

A Western person will go into a restaurant and ask for soy sauce, they person will bring fish sauce. The person says, can I have Soy Sauce, the Thai person says,
- Same Same -

In West Africa, the Nigeria people never stop talking, they are like annoying salesmen who does not listen and continues to talk. Many leaders of the world talk and talk and talk, telling all sorts of jolly good comments. Somehow the people are happy listening to this gibberish, as if the way something is better than reality.

There is a patting on our shoulder in most Asian countries, stay calm, it is OK, and in the end we never get what they agreed to give us, however we probably got something we did not ask for. (A small childs sock came back with my clothes.)

All they have to say is
- Sock and underwear are not accepted.-

The mutual part makes me not trust them...

Here is the funny part, I went in, put my clothes on the counter, I seen the sign, and said,
- There are socks and underwear in the bundle. -

She says,
- No problem, the sign is not important.-

On and on, left and right, the goal of communication is to function, to work, to be clear, to have a meeting of the minds. In reality it is like a room full of people stumbling around in a room, once in awhile they accidentally meet and agree, however there is no clarity.

All people are dysfunctional, in a way, I am extremely dysfunctional in the Philippines, it just is not possible to talk with people and have a simple conversation. My way of looking at the world does not function here, I can survive, however the simple things in life are difficult, and the difficult things are easy.

If the writing above annoys you, please stay home, this is just a sign on a web page, the real things is a soap opera on steroids. I am tolerant, I have lived with this for 11 years, to get angry at this page is intolerant.. hehehe and fun.

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Sorry to say Andy but all countries mostly likely the same. Say one thing mean another. Trust me, I just got off the phone with 2 really nice ladies who take care of our kind of health insurance. I have a bill for your dad in one hand and a statement from in the insurance in the other hand. It says call this number if you need help with your claim, same number on both forms. I call and the lady answering says I have called incorrect number. I explain this is number on my form. Answer is we make lots of mistakes on forms so please call a different number. She gives it to me and tells me they will answer same questions just a different phone number. OK, I do and they ask if I called other number and of course I say yes. The lady says OK I will answer your question anyway since you have me on phone. She says we always pay a $20.00 co pay but this time we will pay a $12.50 co pay. I want to know why. She says do not worry about it as it will be fine. After a lot more silly stuff I give up and hope they send me a new insurance card with your dads name spelled correctly even if the lady says it does not matter but they will send a new one. They said this 3 months ago. OH WELL, that is life so relax and enjoy it.