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Arrived in Sosua Dominican Republic

I left La Vega and took the bus directly to Sosua, Dominican Republic with stops in Santiago and Puerto Plata. Truly, this modern country is a breath of fresh air for a world traveler. This beach area appears to be a place where end-of-the-roaders come to retire.

This map shows my route, these beaches are is incredibly convenient, a person can fly into Puerto Plata and be in the hotel within an hour or two.

Sosua = Soh Soo Ah

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, January 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

There are many beach areas for Expats, however few of them really have beaches worth bothering about, and they are more about shopping. I am excited; this area is truly known for surfing, the pivotal sign of good beaches.

I found and Expat Table at a place called Rockys, a restaurant where people who live or are staying long-term come to hang out. Many people, mostly men, rent apartments for months. Most appear to be Canadians or Germans; however, the whole world is here.

I rented a proper apartment for 285 dollars for 30 days, truly a good deal. Sosua, Dominican Republic is truly a home away from home city. This room serves up a Cable TV with all the biggest movie channels; I have a kitchen, full size fridge, and table, everything I could ever want for 10 dollars per day

The quality of the Expats here in Sosua appears to be great; they actually wake up in the morning and go to breakfast. They appear to be a more independent bunch, not in need of girls in tow to feel comfortable with themselves.

Arrived in Sosua Dominican Republic