Around World in Toyota

Around World in Toyota

Nicolas Rapp a man born in France is going to drive a Toyota Land Cruiser around the world. My mother handed me a newspaper article about him to read that showed up in an Indiana Newspaper. (I am guessing a press release.)

Is he French or American, I am not sure, but he has a cigarette in his mouth, I am betting French is the dominate culture attitude. There is an overland trip idea to sleep on top of the SUV; I think he is erecting a tent in this photo.

Orland, Indiana - United States of America - November 1, 2009
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This is a photo I took in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia showing a look a like vehicle, I believe the search words you need to key in is “Overland” with if you want to learn about this genre of travel. These people had a website, and I wrote while I was in Ethiopia.

I was happy to see this map, an ironically I have been working with a Brit guy by the name of Ian to travel by car. I have marked on the map with black arrows my, or our proposed trip. I am thinking maybe of doing this in early March, the reason I got the International Drivers License the other day.

This is the TYPE car Ian and me are thinking about buying. The tentative plan is this, pay about 500-800 U.S. Dollars for this car, tint the windows, hope we can find one with AirCon and take off. I have been to Africa about five times and Ian has been an intermittent traveler for years. We both have many countries under our belt and would like to “Take the Piss.”
(British Slang for Winding up or making fun of people.)

Well, it is like this, we believe Travelers of this small planet exaggerate, so we can wind up the world, take the piss, and have some fun. And truly, I believe this is what you really want to know, do I truly need to spend 20,000 Dollars for a car, or can I do what make great sense, buy one and abandon it at the end of the trip, becoming car litter bugs.

Read about he is truly a good at getting press releases published, I often think the most important skill of wanna be travel writers is self promotion skills, in a way actual travel is irrelevant.

I guess Nick is asking for Donations, has a few sponsors, please somebody throw money at me and make me do this.

Around World in Toyota


from what i have read about these types of trip (i considered doing it a couple of years ago, but found it prohibitively expensive to consider), abandoning the car at the end isn't an option. That's why you need a Carnet de Passage to bring vehicles into the countries. If you don't take the car out with you, you pay a huge penalty fine. (this is especially the case in South Africa, because this is where everyone finishes, so they used to get loads of vehicles left in cape town). However, maybe if you buy the car in africa is less a problem?

as for driving across africa in a car, sounds fun! BBC tv show Top Gear set themselves a similar challenge a few years ago:
they drove 1000 miles of Africa in used cars they bought cheap. I think the VW Beetle came out best in the end, with the least amount of breakdowns, but noone would want to drive one of those.


Thanks Ash, so I need to figure out a way or where to sell or leave the car, or bring it back, hard to imagine there is no way to despose of a car.


Africa is probably the easy continent, almost all the travelers in Africa are in cars and the police are used to them.

This is how you get in trouble, a person see you face and stops you, or they drive ahead of you very fast and block the road. Ergo, the reason for tinted windows, and of course the license plate is a problem.


Carnet de Passage, this is French.

Do not make this too difficult sounding, the person who is willing to get into a car and drive does it.