Are you an Inventor of Travel Gear

I think one of the best words to describe my life is "intriguing." I drive myself nuts trying to discover the answers to travel problems, I invent travel gear. Why? So I can live great, I like to live nice, this is my goal, I like to live the good life. I have now completed 13 years of perpetual travel as of March 1, 2011, and after living in Hotel Rooms for 13 years, you invent solutions. I live in a great room, not because the Hotel gave me a great room, but because I have invented great solutions, novel ways of solving many problems.

Dakar / Yoff / Senegal, West-West Africa --- Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Description of my normal Hotel Room

Hot Shower
Insect Free
Quiet Room
Good Lighting
Many Electrical Plugs
Clean Room
Toothbrush Holder
Water Glasses
Coffee in Morning
Large Towel
Dish Towel
Wash Rag
Lighted above Entrance to Door
Security Box
Towels on Floor as I leave Shower
No Slip Entrance to Shower
Internet in Room
Free Weights in Room
Plug on Drain to Lavatory
Drinking Pitcher
Coffee Cup
Air Conditioning
Extra Blanket
Fitted Sheets
Hot Plate for Cooking in Room
Reading Light
Shaving Mirror with Lights
Extra Chairs and Furniture
Table to use as Desk
Extra shower supplies

I have invented or created novel ways of supplying myself with all the benefits above, I live the good live because of my travel gear inventions.

Did I miss something?

Are you an Inventor of Travel Gear


Greetings from Sri Lanka! Heading for the India Embasy in a few minutes. All the small hotel rates in the prime areas of Columbo have gone UP so I'm getting OUT of the only BIG city ASAP. But the good news is I got here from the Airport 30 kms away for only 30 cents by local bus yesterday. You may divert this to disliked comments but the only thing you haven't designed or invented or accomplished is A Constant, financially self sufficient companion. If it ever happens for you then you might know what I have and how I feel. All the BEST to you finishing the last stages of your book.


OK, add to the list:

"A Constant, financially self sufficient companion."

I thought this post would get many comments I am surprised about this Blog post, it is short, easy, talks about travel gear and talking about benefits.

There are triggers in peoples minds that provokes people to write comments.

Travelers think about inventing gear, but maybe tourist do not.


Yes Andy each of us have triggers and are "wound up" in various ways. Like my wife you seem to be gifted in inventing or applying your mental facilities to improve your surroundings, daily life or habitat. But like you replied more of less others of us like myself go through life with a huh??, duh??, and "say what" frame of mind. Often when looking for something in our kitchen, for example, I can't see objects right in front of my face. I see financial opportunities or entrepreneurial potential almost everyday I wake up or go out and around where ever I am as I've always been motivated by net wealth creation and staying as far away from a responsible, "9 to 5" mature lifestyle as possible. Anyway thanks for publishing your daily thoughts and mental streams with such strong self disciplined regularity it's been about a year now since I came across your internet activities since your discovering your original "newsletter" back in 98 or 99 and I've enjoyed the "ride".


Wow, this quote from the Internet site is how I feel.

--- About ten years ago, I created SCOTTEVEST®/SeV to solve a very common problem: I needed a way to carry and organize all my gadgets and gear without a "man-purse." ---
- Scott Jordan, CEO and Founder