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ARCHEOLOGY 2005 in Indonesia

I have been trying to learn or figure out a way to find Archeology sites, not the old one, but the new ones. Just recently there was some little small figure they compared to a Hobbit found in Indonesia.

I have discovered a way with google alerts

I can put in my topic like say Archeology and it sends me an email I think DAILY about the news on this subject. Pretty cool and a good way for me to follow some topic.

It sent me this on Archeology:

Check out on this page I have posted some of the Alerts


I am trying to learn about Libya and Algeria so I have also used them words. Why this is so good is when you are traveling especially to the dodgy countries like Libya or Iraq, or maybe you are worried about Nepal you can stay as current as possible on breaking news. I have people believe or they think for instance because I am in Spain I know more about Spain than other people. I know some interesting culture, but I am totally oblivious to the news of Spain... It is all Spanish here! The world TV is better or the internet, but I am not on either of them source long enough to understand the current events or news.