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Anything is Possible in Havana

Graham Greene the British Novelist wrote this in his book “Our Man in Havana.” (1958) Shortly before the Batista’s regime collapsed, and then on January 1, 1959, the dicator Fulgencio Batista fled the country.

I am lying

Havana Habana Cuba Saturday, December 12, 2009
Centro Habana
By Andres Hidalgo with editing
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Nevertheless, I will agree 100 percent with Graham Greene, anything is possible in Havana, and especially in 1958, which is not today.

I asked the owner of the Vedado apartment, a Doctors wife,
“Where do you use the Internet?”
She says,
“It is too expensive for me.”

I read this quote in the Lonely Planet Guidebook,
“Anything is possible in Havana. wrote the British Novelist Graham Greene of Cuba’s rhapsodic capital, echoing the thoughts and dreams of millions.”
Page 94 Lonely Planet Guidebook, 5th Edition

I thought, this is a good quote, I needed, (wanted) more information.

I lied
I have no idea, when and where Graham Greene wrote this, but what I wrote is plausible. I have to agree with the Doctors Wife. I can do anything, I can read, write, eat, drink, shop and have sex with a gorgeous girl, drink in the finest restaurant on planet earth here in Havana: It is too expensive.

However to reserve the right; I am going to lie about the Graham Green quote…

It cost 10 US Dollars in the Hotel Parque Central per hour to use the Internet.
“It is too expensive.”
What a gamble, I could spend 10 US Dollars and not find the information.

Fidel Castro is truly a genius, he has empowered his people, and he has convinced them they are intelligent. He gives them access to all the information, and wonders of the planet. The people of Cuba are free to do as they wish, nobody appears to watching, and I feel free.

However, I will apologize; I am not going to check the Graham Greene facts. I combined information about Graham Greene, from the Encyclopedia Encarta computers Andy gave me to use, with the information from the Lonely Planet to create the illusion I know what I am talking about.

The fact is this I lie, I am telling you a good story

I will not pay 10 United States Dollars in the hope, maybe with great luck, I discover when and where Graham Green wrote this: I cannot search in Spanish. I wonder what a Cuban person does, a highly educated person is the last to admit he or she is ignorant, it just is not what we do. Instead we weave a story, fabricate, create, and explain in a way that is irrefutable and difficult to say is a lie.

Did I do good? Did I make a good quote? Maybe it is correct; I have no way to know. I will leave this information vacuum in 6 days, I am counting the days. I will return to Haiti where the Internet cost 60 Cents U.S. per hour. I am in a box with no sides, this place reminds me of;
“Waiting for Godot.”

Who wrote “Waiting for Godot?”

How long did it take you to discover the answer? Multiply that times 100, maybe a 1000 and I will say, “Welcome to Cuba.”
Now, you pay me 10 Dollars.

Anything is Possible in Havana