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Another 500 Dollar per Month Paradise in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Places to live on the planet for 500 Dollars per months are a dime a dozen, however, it becomes a little more complicated to live in what the dream cliché people want, but that is where I am presently located. I am living the cliché today, 500 dollars in Paradise.

It is a long story, however my friend Johnny the Private Jet pilot has some condominium rooms for rent here in Sosua, Dominican Republic. He was giving me a sweetheart deal of XXX per month; however, the apartment is truly still two weeks work away from OK. Well, there is this nice woman by the name of Ana that is helping Johnny; she offered to put me up for the night at here personal home.

On and on it goes, I finally just said,
"Can you rent me this room in your house for a month?"

I am paying less than Ghana, WIFI in my room, private bath, kitchen, balcony overlooking the sea and away from the tourist trap prices. I am in the neighborhood they call Los Charamicos" it is where a lot of the girls live that work in central Sosua, so a twinge and twist here, and life is good.

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I am a five-minute walk from the beach, maybe a 30-minute walk to Rocky’s the popular expat hang out, and chica central. What is truly the huge benefit, I have left the tourist pricing, the food shops up top in "Los Charamicos" feels to be half the price of the central Sosua grocery stores.

Room, plus Food equals cost of living.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Wednesday, April 27, 2011
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I Miss Bah
I miss Bah my Ivory Coast girlfriend, as I wrote my mother to say,
"She is a pain in the butt,
But she is my pain in the butt."

Real Estate Sales in DR
I was a real estate broker for 14 years, I am an expert.
I have had a large organic search website for 13 years, I am an expert.
I am in a rather great place for people to buy vacation homes.

Hmm, to say the least, I am tempted to put together my two expertise’s‘, I could conquer the Sosua Real Estate market; this would be a cakewalk.

Another 500 Dollar per Month Paradise in Sosua, Dominican Republic


You should sell real estate again, beats traveling from one hotel room to the other, there are very few honest brokers and so called 'relocation experts' I can refer persons to in Central America and the Caribbean, many of these people are just looking for an honest deal, of course I tell everybody to at least travel to the place they wish to stay, for 90 days minimum if possible, and rent for a year or so if wishing to stay as well they will get a taste of ex pat life, the good, the bad and the ugly, so many get stuck in all gringo condo developments and gated communities where some newbies wind up spending their days in the watering holes, where the gossip and backbiting can get fierce, you are also able to offer your real estate clients a bit of 'coaching' as well, those that learn the local language, basic ok, and can socialize with Spanish speaking natives and know how to fill in their time will adjust rapidly, next to the death of a loved one, the most stressful thing a person can experience,l is to move, and moving to a new country and culture is twice as stressful, also with newbie ex pats there is usually a honeymoon period, does not last forever, no doubt IL will pick up on Sousa soon and the real 'experts' with their $2000 per person, not including air fare, relocation and real estate 'seminar and tour' will hit Sousa too.