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Anonymous Users Learn to Rape Women using Facebook

I do not like anonymous users for a good reason, rape and murder are committed by people by people who are anonymous.


Read the mission of these pages:
We rape girls who are stupid enough to friend us on, we sign up anonymously, we use false information and start messaging beautiful women. There is no need to rape just any ugly women walking by, now you can rape the beauty queens thanks to Learn how to pretend to be a good friend, get them to trust you, then get invited to meet them in isolated places whereby you can rape your new Facebook Friend.
Welcome To CouchRaping.Org!!!
"This is the web site of three American guys named Omar, Black Punishment, and Billy, who started hosting foreign couchsurfers as a way to get laid, but became discouraged that most girls were not down to fuck. In a drunken rage one night Black Punishment straight-up raped his Belgian couchsurfer, but surprisingly she never reported it to the authorities, for reasons you’ll learn about soon enough.

We’ve come a long way since Black Punishments’s innovative solution, and have perfected our rape technique to where we fuck 100% of our couchsurfers with no fear of legal consequences. While some of them have sex with us willingly, the ones who don’t are in for quite a surprise!

Obviously we’re going to withhold personal details so we don’t blow our cover, but that doesn’t mean we won’t share our best rape tips."

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Sunday, May 1, 2011
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I believe that many social networks are criminally negligent and should be put in prison for knowingly, and premeditatedly allowing users to enter into friend relationships without warning users of the real danger.

Identity Theft

Many people want to be anonymous, but do you want an anonymous person talking to your children?

Don’t talk to Strangers is working to tackle this problem on our travel community. We seek suggestions on both the pros and cons of being anonymous. We hope to create a social travel network that will allow you to meet people from other countries, become friends, and then hopefully meet one day with complete confidence it is a real person.

Thank you,
Andy Graham
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Anonymous Users Learn to Rape Women using Facebook


Good idea, lot of work. I went some 3 years ago to a Couch Surfing members meeting in El Salvador, it was there that a couple of well to do young Salvadoran guys in their 20s told me they troll the site and the country groups looking for for young women from USA, Canada and Europe traveling alone or in pairs, I have a met a few couch surfers who wanted me to guide them around on public buses since I do not host, well I did once and between the the three of them did not even offer me rt bus fare, less than $2 USD nor a juice and water when we went to the cafe in Suchitoto, a colonial town in El Salvador, I joined CS in 2005 from the older, I had met the founder of hospitalyclub online in 2002, we did meetup with a couple of CS members in 2009 doing documentaries and volunteer work in El Salvador, in a public place and then the next day my associate gave them a ride to the site where they stayed in homes of locals, they were helping to help, not just looking for a free place to stay. I belong to certain of the groups to garner travel information regarding Central America, how to get to point A to B to C and things to see and do when there, I urge them to contact CS members on their route well in advance of their arrival, many of these young travelers are naive and put up their e mails and other contact information on group threads, as well many of the members of CS are young and 'politically correct' and one need watch what one says, I assume here on hobotraveler one would have more of a latitude of opinion, if I do not get along with or am suspicious of a persons motives best to shake hands and part company, or online, delete their e mails and profile, another thing about travel, ex pat and relocation 'social networks' is that 9 times out of 10 if one takes the effort to assist another member, usually someone with a 'handle' and a made up profile, they are usually not genuine, fishing for insider information, often real estate 'cons' or those wishing to work abroad, they never use the magic words (in any language) my parents taught me many years ago...'please' and 'thank you', recently I contacted a woman who 'had to get out of the US as soon as possible' etc. and d emanded information, e mailed her back 'you forgot the magic word..please' got back a long list of her troubles and simply put her on spam....(don't you know when one travels they carry their emotional 'baggage' with them as well as their passport and luggage) It would be nice to have a small travel community where there was trust, and people could agree to disagree once in a while nwithout be called 'racist' or worse.


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Helping criminials in CS hide their IP and location

Posted October 7th, 2010 - 2:15 pm by------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"It is a terrible thing to help CS members that have been accused of criminal activity to hide their correct location and IP address. The guy left CR knowing he had charges coming and some CS individuals ( you know who you are)actually helped him avoid being found by showing him how to hide his IP. You may have meant well and trust him yourself, but that does not change the fact that he is now still using CS and has a false IP. His current requests to other hosts will mislead his true location and his intentions. This is not honest. I hope we can curtail this kind of thing in the future"



Off topic, Usama Bin Laden has been killed in Pakistan, the President of the United States is about to speak in a few minutes. I am elated. I lost friends in 9/11 destruction of World Trade Center. I am Jewish-American who lived for many years in NYC. It is now 11:23 pm EDT in USA GMT -5 Cable News is now reporting there is a crowd outside the White house now chanting USA USA. I am proud.