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Anonymous Users Learn to Rape Women using Facebook

I do not like anonymous users for a good reason, rape and murder are committed by people by people who are anonymous.


Read the mission of these pages:
We rape girls who are stupid enough to friend us on, we sign up anonymously, we use false information and start messaging beautiful women. There is no need to rape just any ugly women walking by, now you can rape the beauty queens thanks to Learn how to pretend to be a good friend, get them to trust you, then get invited to meet them in isolated places whereby you can rape your new Facebook Friend.
Welcome To CouchRaping.Org!!!
"This is the web site of three American guys named Omar, Black Punishment, and Billy, who started hosting foreign couchsurfers as a way to get laid, but became discouraged that most girls were not down to fuck. In a drunken rage one night Black Punishment straight-up raped his Belgian couchsurfer, but surprisingly she never reported it to the authorities, for reasons you’ll learn about soon enough.

We’ve come a long way since Black Punishments’s innovative solution, and have perfected our rape technique to where we fuck 100% of our couchsurfers with no fear of legal consequences. While some of them have sex with us willingly, the ones who don’t are in for quite a surprise!

Obviously we’re going to withhold personal details so we don’t blow our cover, but that doesn’t mean we won’t share our best rape tips."

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Sunday, May 1, 2011
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile

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I believe that many social networks are criminally negligent and should be put in prison for knowingly, and premeditatedly allowing users to enter into friend relationships without warning users of the real danger.

Identity Theft

Many people want to be anonymous, but do you want an anonymous person talking to your children?

Don’t talk to Strangers is working to tackle this problem on our travel community. We seek suggestions on both the pros and cons of being anonymous. We hope to create a social travel network that will allow you to meet people from other countries, become friends, and then hopefully meet one day with complete confidence it is a real person.

Thank you,
Andy Graham
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Anonymous Users Learn to Rape Women using Facebook