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Ani is a Sosua Girl who is not Afraid to Live the Good Life

Video of Ani explaining the good life here in Sosua, Dominican Republic here in the Caribbean.

49 out of 50 people I meet in life are afraid and boring, here is a video of Ani who is not living a boring life, and she is a somebody, not a nobody,

This is Ani, she live in Sosua and has escaped from the boring existence many people life, she is the master of her fate.

Ani, is a Bulgarian Sosua Girl who sells real estate and provides legal assistance to the foreigners living here.

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community or Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


I know you hate me
I want you to get angry at me, until one day you jump, either out of life, or into life, get living of get dying.

I know many of you get angry, then you continue to read daily like a bunch of caged monkeys what I write. I know what you are thinking in the back of your mind, you think I am lying, and then justify why I am an idiot, by saying,
"He is a Hobo he lives like a bum."

Hobo Traveler I just a fun name for a web site.

It is almost impossible to make you readers think, it is impossible to make you escape the boring lives you live. Well, you truly are an idiot if you believe I live like a bum. I am always in paradise, the reason is simple, because I go and do what I want. I control my who, when, where, why, what, how, and how much.

Paradise is affordable, hell is working to pay for crap we cannot afford.

I am me, not you, I am always where I want to be, not where you want me to be… hehehe, did that one get into your skull? Can you escape before you jump out an open window?

Ani is a Sosua Girl who is not Afraid to Live the Good Life


Agree 100. Beers on me should we cross paths around Lake Atitlan.


That should be 100 per cent!


I was sitting on from balcony, Ani wanted me to take a photo of the water, I thought to myself,
"No, just another beautiful photo."
I decided to prod her up to stand on top of balcony and celebrate the beautiful view of Sosua bay with me, and she did.
- It was a wonderful way to start the morning.

However, it is amazing she refused to allow me to say how much I am renting the room for... I am paying 250 for a private room, private bath, WIFI, and this view. We basically share a house in Sosua, in the neighborhood of Charamicos.

This is not a slum, it is great, but it it not the new, trendy and incredibly stupid places to live. It is the great location, with the great view and the great life.

I can find 30 room to rent in this city for 250 per month, easy at 300, and incredibly simple for 400 per month, which is a bargain for a couple.(200)

When I first started traveling, I was afraid to tell people about great hotels, great place, maybe all the idiot tourists would come and take over the place.

It has never happened in 13 years of perpetual travel, I guess the good life is for me and you Doug.


Hmm, was there anything clever there?