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Anguilla Hawks Win Baseball

Anguilla Hawks Win
February 26, 2006 Baseball Tournament

I am not sure, it is hearsay, I asked some tourist, local, Westernized man, who seems to have a child playing the baseball game. He rather indicated the Hawks Won the baseball tournament on Sunday the 26 of February 2006 on a baseball field near Crocus Bay in the country Island of Anguilla.

There was a bike race the same day, plus I spied some great bikini talent in the beach area of Crocus bay, all in that page or link.

Deja Vu

I was walking by this baseball field earlier in the day, stopped and took the photos below, then arrived back later in my accidental walk to the Valley Village or the Airport, and a view of the Bike race, all in a search for an internet caf?, which I did not find. Travel really does answer questions you did not know enough to ask.

The batter prior was a dreamer I believe, I noticed one of them Major League, USA like American Flags on the shoulder of the batter prior to this one, I pulled out my trusty 12X zoom Sony camera and was going to capture the moment. Missed the photo however had a great nostalgic moment. I played Little League Baseball, not may favorite sport, however for sure my fathers. I remember and think about a life so easy and simple in a world where all we wanted to do was chatter, listen to the ump say, batter up, and we wanted to hit it over the left field fence. In the end, mostly we just grounded out.

I am thinking whether these children will ground out in life or they will as their families are pushing presently make a home run. Not important really the home run or a ground out in life, however it is important they keep their lives as simple as a baseball tournament. I am hoping they follow all the great baseball heroes and not the gonga smoking hero of Bob Marley. I was viewing Monday the Black History people on the board in the Anguilla Library where I found I could use the internet. Many famous people from Martin Luther King to Sidney Portier and that girl in Cat Woman, Hale or something. I am amiss, I think one of the worst influences on the African origin person is Bob Marley, he in his wake is causing many a headache for parents as their children become Pot Smoking, sit around person and not men of - I have a dream -.

I have a dream about and am working on one to help the Malnutrition problem in Niger, I think, hope, can I get people like Oprah Winfrey involved, can I get the good of the cultures to help the less fortunate of the cultures. Can I learn how to spell Oprah without looking it up in my Encyclopedia Encarta?

These boys are serious, moving at a fast pace, they had a motorcycle and jeep following somehow as support. I walked by this area, I was culturally alone, my western culture was not in view here, big party going on maybe sponsored by the Cable and Wireless Cell Phone or telephone company. They seem to do lots of good for the Caribbean Islands. Western Culture - This is a way of hiding the fact I was the only white person in the middle of many black people, maybe I should say African origin. They were all cheering on the riders, I was lost, only being on the Island for a short while, and I was clueless where I was walking. Only going on a path, hoping I did not have to pay 10 Dollars U.S. for a taxi fare back.

Walked to the mostly deserted beach, while I was waiting for my room to be made available. The Casa Nadine is full, one girl was leaving at 2:00 and I needed to walk around until she left. I went to the beach in my long pant, shirt, luckily I had my Clive Cussler book in my cargo pants pocket, ready for boredom in the airports. However, it was great, laid under a dilapidated palm umbrella and read my book. Spied some good scenery on the beach, tried to take photos, it was a great day.

I think or feel the noise and traffic level going down has improved my mood. Bequia had too much of the Bob Marley syndrome, while Barbados was too Brit and way too much tourist and traffic for me, I am not found of the Brit Bar or make a pool area English Bar or Local on the other side of the plane mentality. Enough Lager Lots on the planet, this couple with the Canadian Flag wavers does not help.

Anguilla is a cultural paradise for me; I am surrounded in the Casa Nadine by other countries that have come here to work on the island of Anguilla. People from Trinidad, Dominica, various others I suppose, however I am living in a not-in-tourist bubble community however I can walk, hitchhike or hope to find a way to go to Shoal Beach where it is U.S. Dollars only and completely inside a tourist bubble. A great combination as I am in a place like my hometown where everyone waves and says hello, but I can go to a tourist bubble where everyone wants dollars.

Two U.S. Dollars for a Coca Cola in the tourist bubble.

Two East Caribbean Dollars for a Coca Cola in the Crocus Bay area.

There is always hope, life is good. This girl was wandering in and out of the water, I could not see here close enough on my screen to know if this picture would be close or far. I suppose I should look in the viewfinder and not the screen, maybe it will work as a telescope.

The hope is this, here is some rich, beautiful girl in a Bikini, there is this big Yacht in the bay, I am hoping she comes down rescues me from my poverty, makes me happy, rich for a day, puts me on this big yacht, takes me to a place far away. Later in the day she can drop me off on the beach, I can walk into the sunset knowing.

Life is good and the Hawks won!

I think I can use Anguilla as a base and take day trips by Ferry to other Islands, and not give up my home.