Angeles City Blue Boar Inn

2009-08-14 00:09:37

Angeles City Blue Boar Inn
Chuck Wow recommended I come and interview a Blogger called “Harry the Horse” here in Angeles City, Philippines. My Thailand girlfriend flies from Clark to Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow so here I am.

I know diddle about Harry, however something about a person living in Angeles for years is intrinsically interesting.

What is a Blue Boar?

Angeles City Blue Boar Inn, the Hotel I think owned by Harry the Horse.

Harry the Horse
I kind of doubt I will interview him on this one night trip to Angeles to drop the Thailand girl off at the airport. The trip from San Fernando, La Union by bus took five hours of misery to get here.

Angeles City, Philippines
(Nothing to do with Angels)
Southeast Asia
Friday, August 14, 2009
Angeles City Philippines Hotels

I guess you can call this Hotel anything, just do not call it late for supper.

Is this the Blue Boar Inn or the Hotel La Casa, nonetheless I think I am in both places with a double room with AC for 900; there are many cheaper fan rooms. Truly, Angeles City Hotels are cheaper or half price compared to Manila.

The Philippines has 7107 islands and Angeles City is not on the water and had nothing to do with Angels. Do we really want a Blue Boar in La Casa…?

Easy to find, you take a Tricycle Taxi for about 150 Peso from the Bus stop to the USA, VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) post, then ask until someone points you around the corner. This Angeles City Hotel has WIFI free and is probably more expensive than many around it that have swimming pools.

Beware of Owner sign as we enter Hotel La Casa.

Hmm, this business card says,
“Hotel La Casa Pension”

I think he is trying to put keywords into signs and his business cards, he is offline SEO.

I will spend the night, and then go return to San Fernando to the Bali Hai East Resort to work on my tan by the swimming pool tomorrow. I will resume my query, “What is a resort?”

I will talk to Harry the Horse later in the:
Blue Boar Inn
Hotel La Casa
Hotel La Casa Pension

Harry the Horse

Angeles City Blue Boar Inn

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