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Aneho Togo Truck Driver

2006-09-13 03:06:00

Aneho Togo
Friday, September 8, 2006

While I was taking the photos of this truck a groups of men and a few boys started hollering at me very hard, In a very dangerous and threatening way, I could not figure out what they wanted, I finally had to go and talk with a few truck drivers in the bar, luckily they was ok, while the boys corralling me there were not. I had about five of them grabbing me, it was not good, in fact, maybe the worst case of violence I have encountered in 10 years of travel.

I have finally keyed in on what the African culture is or the men, not the women, they are bullies. The one on one is not a problem, it can be, however not severe. In Togoville, three separate times a problem happened or a pushy man talked and wanted too much, he did not leave; I almost clubbed the one drunken one.

In the end, with patience and not threatening them, I have been able to dissolve the situation, on the other hand, I needed to stand my ground, and they do need to know they are in for a fight.

I was against my will made to walk over and talk with the bullies; I think my insistence that I did not talk French took away their fun because they were not able to argue with me. The finally got bored, too many adults, and not enough just plain bullies.

Aneho Togo

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