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Aneho Togo Nachtigal Hotel

2006-09-13 02:45:00

Aneho Togo
Togoville Togo
Friday, September 8, 2006

I leave the very nice, 6500 CFA Nachtigal or German named hotel with a swimming pool and go to the village of Aneho, I may or many not go into Benin today, it is sort of who offers what for transportation. I think I should stay one night in Aneho as it is a natural stop and easy to observe and I also should stock up on some food items need for my own health, maybe Tuna, and canned vegetables.

Nothing better than knowing to eat proper, I need to carry around another computer size rock. I will carry a rock called a computer, most refuse to carry jeans because they are too heavy.

Aneho is at the border of Togo and Benin, the city of Contonou or something in Benin is less than 2 hours away. I can drive all the way across Togo to Benin one day. Togo would be a great country to walk across, possible in one day.

The Nachtigal named after the German who signed a treaty or somehow seized up Todo, is a nice hotel and good value.

However, the cost of food in Togoville at the Nachtigal Hotel is setting an almost all time rape record for cost of food.

It is challenging the Champs Elysse in Paris for rape or gouge.

In comparison to the cost of living here it probably the champion, of course the Galien Hotel in Lome and many are the same, however I am not often in a location where I have zero choices.

I had a choice, I did not eat, I was on a diet the two days I was here, ate healthy though on the street for less than 50 cents per day, however to meager to gain weight, however losing a pound is good for me.

Aneho Togo