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Andy in Senegal Waiting for Obvious Travel Decisions

I want to finish writing a book; I need about two months of non-travel. I had four choices, and I am (was) waiting for the obviously good decision to erupt out of the confusion.

1. Stay in "West" West Africa for six months, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Liberia etc.
--- Not good, because I am beat up, Visas are too complicated, and not peaceful time spent on the road.

2. Fly roundtrip from Dakar, Senegal to Chicago, USA, returning in two weeks.
--- Not good because this is expensive, about 1300 USD and not a good recharge of my emotional batteries, I would be beat up after two 20 hour plane flights.

3. Fly roundtrip from Dakar, Senegal to Chicago, USA, returning in 2-4 months, after stopping in Guatemala or Colombia to recharge my emotional batteries.
--- The best choice but is competing with fourth option.

4. Fly to Accra, Ghana after I get a six-month Visa here in Dakar, Senegal.
--- An OK choice, but I need to re-charge my emotional batteries.
--- I need to stay in one city for 2 months in Ghana.
--- It would help Bah to leave Ivory Coast and live safe.
--- The total cost of flights is about the same as if I went from Dakar - Chicago - Accra, now I can fly Accra - Chicago - Accra if I wish.

Dakar / Yoff / Senegal, West-West Africa --- Monday, March 14, 2011


Boom and the Decisions is to go back to Ghana
Before I could finish this post, a good solution has erupted from the confusion. During my Monday morning, work discussion with Boy Genius in India as we were discussing how to finish the book a solution came. The book is going to be sold with a couple of DVD’s with videos. While talking, I realized I could use Bah, my girl to video record me as we record 25 travel gear invention videos. (Bah as camera person) That was the tipper, I am going to kill to bird with one stone, and help Bah go keep from being killed inside the county of Ivory Coast a.k.a. Cote d’Ivoire.

Ivory Coast People Flee to Ghana
I have talked a couple of times with Bah in Ivory Coast, her comment today was,
"Half the people in the village are leaving to Ghana."
"The banks are closed, there is no money."

It is complicated and confusing, however the bottom line is this, I know if I go to Ghana and assist Bah, she will be safe.

I was on, there are many clips from the Movie "A Knight’s Tale." I really wanted to show a small clip that is relevant to travelers. I made the clip, upload it and they blocked it worldwide.

Why are there many other clips up? For educational reasons, I have uploaded the video; you can download the MP4 file is you wish to explain why…?

Copyright Education

Mosque in Yoff, Senegal

Andy in Senegal Waiting for Obvious Travel Decisions


Believe you have made the right decision, if I had the resources I would go with helping Bah get out of hell, being alone on the road for years, you need some company, up and downsides of course, don't complain after Bah arrives, living and travelling with anyone else, including family or close friends, when one is used to going it alone, will have low points, relationships are more difficult than writing books or selling travel gear sometimes, and Bah is a woman from another culture, not a 'travel buddy' from States, I learned with Latin Women, shut my mouth, listen, do not argue, you cannot win.
Sitting in States worrying would be worse, in my opinion. saludos.


Holding a camera while I make a travel tip is a pain in the butt. I have been writing and taking photos for travel tips now for 13 years. The best travel tips take a few days to write.

1. Collect the photos.
2. Collect the ideas or concepts to be included.
3. Start to digest or compile
4. Return and take more photos.

If I am going to be in the Photo, then the camera person has to be willing, ready and able to return with me take photos.That last sentence is the problem. I must have a person who is willing to work with me on a multiple day basis.Plus, being that I refuse to work eight hour days, this would cause a problem. I know that Bah is OK as a camera person.

She took video on top of the Hotel in Elubo.
She took video at entrance to Cape Coast Fort.

I used a girl photographer in Guatemala, she thought she was too smart, and would not allow me to direct the production.

This is about the same as any worker, I need a person that will take instruction, obey me, and can make good in process decisions. The travel tips I am making videos about will be simple, done all withing a 10 meter area.