Andy Graham in Rio Dulce Guatemala 2010

I left Lake Atitlan and traveled by private Taxi to Rio Dulce, or the city of Fronteras in Guatemala. This is popular Hurricane Harbor for Sailboats or Yachts.

I shared a private air-conditioned van with two other people; the cost was 175 dollars split three ways, roughly 60 dollars per person.

Rio Dulce, Fronteras, Guatemala --- Monday, June 21, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Private Taxis
Private Taxis are great travel options, it only cost me 20 dollars more than regular public transport, and we did not have to stop in Guatemala city and arrived early enough to shop around for better Hotel rooms. If a person arrives before 2:00 PM they can negotiate and easily save money on Hotel rooms.

Hotels in Rio Dulce or Fronteras
I spent the first night in Bruno’s, but consider the place lacking in many ways, no mirrors in shower, the door locks were not up to snuff, no TV and WIFI internet was expensive and complicated. At 125 Quetzals per night, and I dould not get discount even when I said I would rent for a month, I decided I neeed to search for a better value.

I found the Hotel y Restaurante Fonda Escondida that made me a great deal, 1000 Quetzals for 15 days, with Color TV, Cable, Air Conditioning and High Speed Internet in my room.

I am paying 8.33 U.S. Dollars per night, and I forgot to say, I have a great swimming pool, life is too easy.

Andy Graham in Rio Dulce Guatemala 2010