Andres Hidalgo Goes to Cuba

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Andres Hidalgo will be a Travel Writer in Cuba for, he will start writing in a couple of days, and I will go on a needed vacation.

I met Andres Hidalgo with an accent mark on the ā€œeā€ in Colombia. He lived near a city called Sincelejo, close to the Darien Gap, between Colombia and Panama. Quite a long story, but we have been writing for years. He read that readers were trying to send me to Cuba; he knew this was against the law for Americans, so he volunteer to go and Blog in my stead.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Ayiti - Monday, November 30, 2009
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He has arrived in Port-au-Prince, and will fly to Havana in the next few days. I needed to teach him our system, get him a password, and explain how to communicate.

He comes from a rather wealthy family in Colombia; I think he is the son of somebody important, I am not sure. Our friendship has always been about common interest, travel, and how the world works, he wanted to learn to write, so here is his chance.

I am happy to say, he volunteered to go free, because I am not even sure if the USA government will allow me to pay him. The government of the USA has rules, most of them revolve around the ability to financially help Cuba, the sanctions are to stop Cuba from having business with the USA.

Please welcome him, treat him with respect, he is a good person and will do his best to explain the present culture of Cuba before it opens up to the USA in a few years. We both expect the USA to drop its sanctions once Castro dies.

Andres Hidalgo Goes to Cuba

Andres Hidalgo ?

Very Funny Andy

I'll keep it under my Chapeau

Tell Mr. Hidalgo to study up on the 2 forms of Cuban currency. The local form Cuban Peso (CUP)
and the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC). Also bring Euros or Canadian Dollars. USA Dollars are hit with a ten percent tax to convert plus bank charges could be another 8 !

Place to stay. I'm sure Andres speaks excellent Spanish so will be no problamos making a friend who will rent out a bed or a couch for 8-10 dollars a night otherwise you will have to pay minimum 20 a night @ a Legal BandB because the owners have to pay a tax even if they have no customers.

Movies shows,concerts,sports,bus etc Have a local buy Mr. Hidalgo's ticket and pay for the locals ticket you both win and save a lot. Two tier price like Thailand same same but different.

Bring a brick of Good Quality coffee and chocolates,disposable razors for Mr. H's future guests things that are hard to get and cost a lot in Cuba. Pens and pencils for the kids

and a collect few addresses/emails so I can be pen pals with a few Cuban girls Age 25-35 Thanks !