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Amor Fati: Ironic Coincidence Kicks Me to Think about Paraguay

2011-07-13 07:34:35

I received an e-mail from Richard, more or less hoping I go to Paraguay, (I was there once.)
--- Then I received maybe the next day, while I was still pondering what to do with the e-mail, another e-mail update giving me background notes on Paraguay. (Paraguay has entered my brain.)
--- Ergo: Amor Fati

Location of Paraguay in South America

Reader wrote:

Dear Andy:
I've heard Paraguay is a nice place and I hope you are able to visit some time soon. I'm looking for a retirement destination that's off the beaten path. Your comments would be a big help.

This is the page that leads to a link that is guaranteed to break because the USA government hires people with no understanding of Web Sites. (Solution Hire Aaron Wall.)

You can subscribe to receive this in your e-mail box, which is horribly difficult, almost impossible for me to explain how:

Subscribe to USA Government Updates about Countries.

Read, learn what is the population, languages, location and religion, and try to ignore warnings, and never tell an experience travel about the warnings: He or she will think (Know) you are stupid, naïve, and American --- Tourists, they always make countries seem rotten, except for countries where we do lots of business.

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Map of Paraguay

Retiring in Paraguay
"I'm looking for a retirement destination that's off the beaten path."
- Quote from Richard the Reader
I have a friend John D, from the USA, that lived in Paraguay teaching English for years. Personally, I have never heard of anyone postulating retiring in Paraguay.

NOTE: I refuse, never, seldom, I just do my best to ignore any web site about retiring overseas, they are the worlds most dangerous liars. Why? There are sites like "International Living" which specialize in convincing innocent, naïve Americans to buy South American property at USA prices, truly a land scam in my opinion.

Nothing more evil than convincing an OLD person to spend their lives savings on a bad investment.

--- Or there are Expatriates who purchased land, built a house in Costa Rica, then know they hate the country, know they must lie and sell to the next stupid American moving down.

I hope Richard Wrote me because he trust me:
I have no idea if Paraguay is a good place to retire, I would like to return there, I only was in the country for one night in Ciudad del Este, and I remember one pertinent thing, they do not speak Spanish, the majority of the population speaks Guaraní, and full of Arabs at the border city.

That is my first impression, which I guarantee is almost worthless.

As many readers notice, I have stopped looking the world from the eyes of 25 year old beach bum, and started looking a the world from the eyes of a 55 year old man who wants to avoid young idiots.

I want to find better locations to live, I am not going to say retire, because American then think "BUY REAL ESTATE." and the last thing I am going to do unless I become a Millionaire is buy Real Estate overseas. Not totally true, I am often tempted to offer 1/3 the asking price to desperate Expats and sell the property for "ME."

I am not sure what to say, I am not refusing to go to Paraguay, the problem for me is always the price of plane tickets. I just paid 2000 USD to pop to Senegal from Ivory Coast, then back to Ghana, then from Ghana to Dominican Republic, then from there to here, Guatemala, and soon to the USA to see my mother. Then to boot, the Big G has oogles of ability to cut me out of money because they are a monopoly,.

1. You trust Andy Graham
2. Andy Graham is a good person to investigate locations for retirement.
3. Andy Graham has the time and ability to travel to countries, and you do not.
4. Andy Graham does not need a good reason to travel to weird countries.
5. The cost of you going is going to be 2000 USA just to decide you do not like the place.

It cost Andy Graham 700 USD for a plane ticket, if he had 700 USD for the place ticket to anywhere, he would use it.

--- You are now suppose to draw conclusions from the assumption, maybe deductive mixed with inductive logic.

Fun stuff, however in the end, people choose retirement locations for emotional reasons, and call it logical, in reality they move to places where the most amount of liars are making web sites about. Where the most amount of Expats are trying to sell or scam other Expats into buying the home they cannot sell to anyone local, because the locals are too smart.

My Advice on Choosing Retirement Locations
Retire in six locations around the planet, and continually move between the six locations, life will always be good, and rent the homes from the Expats that cannot sell them because they are not worth what they asking.

Think "House Sitting, " eventually if you join this site, connecting the two people will be facilitated here on,

Amor Fati: Ironic Coincidence Kicks Me to Think about Paraguay