American Flag Patches Sewn on Backpack

Here are a couple of photos and a video explaining how to install USA Flags on a Traveler Backpack. Yesterday, I had American Flags patches sewn on to one my backpack. I am sure many people ask why?

We are supposed to have the stars pointing at our heart; I needed to buy two types of flags, a left and a right to have sewn on the bag, but at Army Surplus stores.

Orland, Indiana - United States of America - Friday, October 30, 2009
Travel Gear

I have installed two American Flags on the larger backpack with the stars facing my heart as I wear the bag. I needed to purchase two types of USA flags. I also put one on the camera and computer bag.

Best Reason
To meet the locals faster, by having the American Flags the locals can see that I am probably from the USA and speak English. If they speak English, they often come up and try to practice with me, or provide help.

Repellant to Angry-at-American People
This almost exclusively applies to Europeans; I never experience anger at me being an American in the under-developed countries. There are countries with strong feelings or angry at the USA. If they see the Flags, they would label me quickly a “Nationalist” or “Patriot” and assume I am a complete wanker. This helps me to avoid conversations with this type of person looking for an argument.

Meet Girls
Anyway, I look at it, the USA is the best passport to attract women in the developing world, and it is the citizenship-chasing passport of choice.

Do Not Screw with USA Warning
The world is corrupt, for example, Mexico is incredibly corrupt and their country would lose millions of not billions of tourist dollars if the USA stopped visiting. Government officials and locals often give the USA tourist special status, we get more the red carpet treatment and they try to ingratiate themselves more, they want the big American spenders. Overall, the governments of many countries instruct their citizens to not screw with the Americans.

I am American
I am proud to be from the USA, it has given me the freedom to earn enough money to travel and a passport that allows me to enter 99 percent of all countries almost without restrictions.

Translate my Situation or Problem
By having the Flag on my back, in a non-verbal way I can translate my situation to immigration, to locals, they know quickly the situation without speaking for example Chinese.

Prove it is OK
Many USA citizens are weak willed; they believe that having the USA Flag on the back will invite problems. Under this assumption, they wear Canadian Flags never learning it is truly safe, they validated their assumptions with no proof. Lying to people is one of the most dangerous acts a traveler can perform; the planet does not like liars. If you are afraid, do not put any flag on your bag and be honest, it is the wisest path.

Why not have the flag on the bag?

I am sure there is some country where it is a problem; I have not found the place in my 11 plus years and 85 countries of travel. I was in Iraq, which was zero problem. I would say the bigger problem is with the Travelers abroad from Europe, the not-so-educated bunch, sort of the Brits-Abroad bunch or the Euro-Trash, kind of the trailer trash of Europe. I normally do not travel mainstream tourist destinations where they go, I am going to Haiti in the next few days, and I will not encounter this type of person. In mainstream dread, tattoo, smoke a joint countries like Thailand or Guatemala are a bigger problem. Generally, they have to be brave enough to open their mouths; I am not accustomed to having people being disrespectful of my mother or my country in that order.


If you do not see a video here it is because you are reading by email, click here to see video.

I strongly advise you to stay home if you are too afraid to tell the truth, the world welcomes people they trust. I wonder what an immigration official would do if he or she saw a Canadian Flag on my back as I went through immigration at the border?

“You have a USA passport, why do you have a Canadian Flag?”
Honestly works great, if for a change you happened to try it.

American Flag Patches Sewn on Backpack