Am I the Devil

I am not the Devil, but how can I be sure, maybe I am possessed and need to call

If you're seeing things
running through your head
Who can ya call?

I have been riding the rollercoaster of temptations the last few days, I have been tempted to attack, bite, sting back, I have been tempted to make one them comments that cuts to the quick. I wanted to tell a couple of people the truth, with malice….
--- Oops, I refrained, Mom you can relax, your son is not the devil, I did not lead, or follow or fall into temptation, I was again a good boy.

I have been "seeing things running through (my) head."

Mampong, Ghana West Africa --- Thursday, December 23, 2010


12 Years of Writing and I am Still Learning
About 10 years ago, a friend says,
"The first rule of journalism is, controversy sells."
This felt like a recipe for how to be bad 10 years ago, and it still feels that way today. I on the other hand keep doing introspective analysis when again and again and again I cause controversy when I write; I just cannot stop accidentally, with no intention causing controversy.

I had a reader call me a coward the other day, because I have adopted a strict policy of not allowing controversial or negative comments, or translated.
"I would not allow him to disagree, and have his voice."

The reason is this, I know I do not try to cause controversy between two people, I try to provoke you to think, I probably want to cause controversy in your mind, that would allow resolution to occur. However, I do not want two people to argue, and if I try to make a clarifying reply comment and the argument grows, I delete the comments, trying to stop controversy from growing. (Stopping more comments, and earning less money, and have less subscribers.)

I believe as moderator, I should stop controversy from turning into an argument, maybe I am a coward or maybe I am brave, nonetheless, I am 100 percent sure, the work of the devil is to cause two people to argue, that is his or (her) job description.

So you want to be the Devil,
"Can you cause two people to argue?"
--- "You’re hired"
I know you started a long time ago and it is habitual.

Do I write to Cause Controversy?
Nope, however telling the truth is controversial the most controversial thing a person can do is be honest, to patronize is non-controversial. Therein lie the catch 22, if I patronize, and write in clichés as many people would be happy, in a rose colored glasses, hide behind them way, all would be peaceful. And if I tell the truth another group of people are happy. Which group to make happy, the answer is easy?
"To thine own self be true "
Note that was Shakespeare, not Christ.

I write to myself, and allow you to listen, this is my journal.

What cause me to have a trying time yesterday?
By recording this video in the Kumasi, Ghana bus station.

I called the station "Chaotic," and the van of Ghana people disagreed with the word.

I had an absolutely wonderful trip from Koforidua, to Kumasi in an Air Conditioned van, solid suspension and a driver who drove great. However, it was an amazing entry into Kumasi, the driver went around and around traffic jams, and he knew every "long-cut," not a shortcut, but a longer way that would go around a logjam. Truthfully, the inner core area of the station was not as chaotic as the 60 minutes entering Kumasi.

Van Ride from Kumasi to Mampong
I got in the van, I was happy, I shook hands with the girl next to me, and said,
"Hello, my name is Andy."
She said, "Eddy," I said "ANNDY." I then said
"Andrew." the name starts with "A."
This name truly evades Ghana, normally flies right on through in predominately-Christian countries, the name is one of the 12 disciples, and it is a great name to have for travel. The girl truly would not tell me her name, finally she told me, it was Lydia.

Gee whiz, "Why all the hard work to exchange names?"

Her brother, started to criticize me for taking videos, said
"You are going to show that to your people and laugh at us."
"I said, generally Ghana people look at the videos, and think about home."
(From a business point of view, the last thing that sells is African Tourism.)
He was argumentative, it was growing, I said,
He said,
"Not finished white man, you are going to talk."
I stopped talking and refused to comment, this stops all arguments, it takes two people to argue.

The man behind me, said,
I turned patted him on the leg and said,
"You’re English is good."
He said,
"Not all Ghana people are dumb."
Hmmm where did that come from?
"I am a school teacher."

He then went into this thing about the majority of British people not having formal Education. I thought again where does all this come from, started to say something, and stopped myself. I needed to get the tempo of the van down, it was becoming dangerous.

One hour later, and listening to white man this, American that, Abroni this and Abroni that, (the word in Ashanti for White Man) we arrived in Mampong. One-half hour to clear the city of Kumasi because of chaotic traffic and one-half hour to go the 30 miles to Mampong.

Violence and dangerous situation are when something stupid happens, I neither placate nor patronized, that would have lost their respect and they would have become bigger and better bullies. I treated them as equals, even if I was questioning their motives.

You ever see a shootout on in a movie, everything is fine, and something happens, and everyone breaks out shooting. All die, no survivors. This was my situation in the van, I just did not allow the group of 10 to provoke me, one gentleman tried to say,
"He is a visitor in our country."
--- Oops, he was one, the groupthink has already gone south, he stopped, I looked at him, he looked at me, and we understood.

Ok, who is the Devil?
The Devil is a person who tries to make two people argue, and in version two of my understanding of this, I have now come to the next level. I now believe to allow two or more people to argue, when I have the power to stop it, that I am doing "an assist." (Basketball Terminology.)

"Mark those who cause division, and offences contrary to the doctrine which you have learned, and avoid them... for by good words and fair speeches [they] deceive the hearts of the simple." (Romans 16:17-18 )

I am tired, and could go into detail, but this page is truly written better than I could ever explain:
Those who cause Division

My Morning Wakeup in Mampong
4:35 AM, I have a change in atmospheric pressure headache, and I entered the restroom and sat, trying to remember where I put my sinus medicine. 4:35 and the music starts, hmm, what is that song, what is that song, there is just organ music, no words, it is,
"O Come all Ye Faithful"

So around and around this Travel Journal goes, and this is where did my thoughts start? I accepted that the faithful will find a calm place, you know, that heaven on earth group, and the other larger group will find chaos, and deny it is chaos.

Fun stuff, and I am grateful to know today, even in the midst of complete confusion, I still stay the course and go towards friendly voices

By the way, may friend Naomi in Mampoing screamed when I entered the Hotel.
"Andy, you came back."
Joseph her wise father, shook my hand and said welcome.
I explained to Fifi, the manager of the Hotel how Naomi explained and guided me when she was 15 around this city, and that she is amazingly smart.
He starts to laugh and said,
"She is even smarter now!"

I walked up the steps to my room, same as before, and thought,
"I am home for Christmas; I have a traveler’s family."

This is when you walk into a Hotel, and all the staff says,

There is always a GhostBuster solution, Merry Christmas.
Andy Graham in Mampong, Ghana eating beef kabobs, and listening to Christmas Carols at 4:35 in the morning, life is good.

GhostBusters Theme Song

O Come all Ye Faithful

Am I the Devil