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Am I Offshore Outsourcing my Life to Lago Atitlan Guatemala?

The term offshore really is ambiguous, more understandable when looking out into the ocean at a boat,
"Look at that boat offshore."
In a way, offshore defined is: functions performed in a foreign country.

However, the word outsourcing, is even more ambiguous, when I hear these words, I scream,

Why do I scream California?
There is this propensity for people who live in California, to believe they know and understand thing they do not understand. They then use these buzzword that to make themselves appear sophisticated and knowledgeable. Then of course, and the other people in other states adopt the words, everyone in unison is using words they do not understand. Then nobody is willing to admit they do not truly understand..

Actually, people who live in California, also believe they are more intelligent than people in other states, this is fun stuff to toy with…

I am saying in an indirect way to the person:
"You do not know what you are talking about, and are behaving very Californian."

I define this as:
"California the Travel Game."

I say two things: California or I like Pizza.

The people have low self-esteem, or never listen, therefore what compounds my fun is they do not even ask,
"Andy, why did you say the word California?"

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Offshore defined as simple as it gets, I am living in a foreign country.

Outsourcing defined as simple as I can make it seem, is to use cheap labor that is outside the USA, the source is outside in a foreign country.

I have outsourced my life and I am living offshore, which again means nothing but there are tens of thousands of people that believe it is clever to hide money offshore in tax havens, whatever all that means? Or maybe I understand, and I am just playing stupid, to make the California people have confidence in themselves, thereby making them soft targets.

Bottom line in life, if you do not obviously understand something, try to do something else, and for sure do not open your wallet and give money.

Travel Tip video showing my shelves below bed in my room in the DR.

Blooper when making video and Ani made me laugh, she was my camera person.

Moca a small village between Cabarete and Santiago, Dominican Republic, me and Ani stopped at a lookout on the way to the airport.

Am I Offshore Outsourcing my Life to Lago Atitlan Guatemala?