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Am I in Love with a Pretty Face in Ghana

I published my second Podcast today, recording answers to questions is a bigger challenge than I anticipated. I can write the Blog, or type on the computer anywhere, while to record my voice, the room needs to be quiet, and the bigger problem, I must be happy and ready to talk. I like to type in the morning around 6:00 am, however I am not ready to talk until about 9:00 am. Nonetheless, I will soon develop a rhythm and rhyme to my day until this feels normal, and not awkward.

Today’s Question - Five best places in Central and South America to spend 6-12 months?
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Am I in love with a pretty face in Ghana?

A pretty face does not easily sway me, however this pretty face I am traveling falls in love with things that are pretty. It is difficult to be practical when your partner wants to buy frivolous items, I am glad this is an African and not an American girl. 90 percent of the things she looks at cost less than five dollars, while an American girl would have a five with a zero on the end.
"But I don't want some pretty face
To tell me pretty lies
All I want is someone to believe."

- Billy Joel
I want to thank all the concerned friends and readers who have written me personal e-mails warning me to be careful with Bah. I do not want anyone to think I am ignoring you, or that I have "lost the plot."

There are a few types of warnings,

1. She wants a Visa to America.
2. She wants your money.
3. What does she give to you?
4. Do you want a girlfriend?
5. She is trapping you.

I am receiving about three e-mails per day or comments like this, they make me feel insecure and vulnerable, I am fully aware that if everyone around you tells you are crazy, maybe you should listen. I decided to ask Bah again,
"Do you want to go to America?"
She looks at me as if I am stupid,
"Why would I go to America, I do not want to go."
"Why do you keep asking?"

This is a rice cooker; I took the photo in Taiwan.

Yes, I am having a huge problem with infatuation, but nothing to do with me, Bah is a sucker for a pretty face. A good marketing presentation and she wants to buy, this is a horrible characteristic for a traveler, but she is not a traveler, and wants nothing to do with travel. What she wants is this, an apartment with a kitchen and something she can say is hers.

Believe it or not, I had to sit around and listen to a sales pitch about a rice cooker. I wanted to find an electric hot plate, and in typical Ghana fashion, the store started showing us a rice cooker, which is about the same as crock-pot, this thing is too big to carry in a backpack.

Africa culture is the king of bad decisions, however, the more money a person has, the bigger the bad decision. Therefore, the USA citizens are the ones who buy a house they cannot afford, while Africans may buy a rice cooker, with no electricity in their home.

Ghana, West Africa --- Sunday, March 27, 2011

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360 Square Foot Apartment in Ghana
I looked at an apartment in Senegal for 60 dollars per month, it was smaller than our Hotel room here in Ghana, however,
"It was called an apartment."

Bah told me,
"I want an apartment."

We are in a room that is 12 X 30 feet, there is 360 square foot of floor space, and this includes the shower.

Included in Hotel, but not included in apartment.

2 double beds
2 lounge chairs
Ceiling fan
Large freestanding closet
Desk chair
Coffee table
Eating table

I have to be careful here, she wants to hear the word "apartment," or maybe "house," while all I care about is being comfortable. After moving into roughly 1000 Hotel rooms, it is second nature for me to make a good choice for a Hotel room; I can find the best room and value quickly.

When I enter a hotel room, I am trying to decide if the room is good enough for month, while she is only thinking about one night, she is still in tourist mode.

You are crazy,
I waved at people from the window of our bus as we passed, Bah says,
"You are crazy, you say hello to everyone…
You say hello to everyone.
You are crazy."

This is a crazy comment about Syria.
I was reading Yahoo news, and I am always amazed how naïve writers are, they believe that people that have never known, or lived in a democracy can somehow want a democracy, it is not possible to want what you do not know.
What are the protesters' grievances?

Like their counterparts in Egypt, Tunisia, and other countries in the region, the protesters want democratic reforms--for instance, more freedom for political parties--as well as a more open press, an end to corruption and cronyism, increased economic opportunities, and stronger constitutional rights.

- Syria on Yahoo News
Am I in Love with a Pretty Face in Ghana

Phil J

Wow. I listened to your podcast about Central America. I was amazed. It answered all my questions. I am planning to visit Guatamala first. I will email you about it. I am kind of excited because this is a part of the world I have never been to. It will be fun.
Thanks for such an incredible amount of information with no bias or preconceived bias. I really appreciate being able to avail myself of such high quality and helpful information.


I am having a great time now, figured out a few things about African girls and have adapted.

I love to study culture, and I have an extreme African in my room, it is easy to watch her and learn.