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Am I an Ultralight Backpacking Person

2008-06-29 19:50:00

Ultralight Backpacking
I Andy of am an Ultralight Backpacking person, even though I carry over 90-130 pounds in three packs.

Bad knees, bad back, or just a wimp, there are reasons to be an Ultralight Backpacking person. It would be better to say I am an Optimized Weight Backpacker. I have Traveled up to two weeks with just my computer bag, and one time in Mexico for six weeks with a gym bag, the computer was inside. However, I believe the majority of Ultralight Backpacking people miss the goal of having a backpack, luggage or even a duffle bag.

On June 22, 2002, about six years ago I wrote a Tip in a Newsletter explaining ways to be an Ultralight Backpacker. This is not rocket science, it is common sense, to somehow reduce weight, to optimize what you have in your bag, to hopefully not throw away all the things you need.

Photo page of items I normally saw off in my pack

Travel Tips on Cutting or Sawing off Gear in Pack

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Sunday, June 29, 2008
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The goal is to have what you want, and sometimes I do find a few people who have what they need, but this is rare about 1 in 50. What you need to travel is a passport and an ATM Bank Card, after that all is luxury, that would be traveling the lightest But this is not a way to optimize your enjoyment of your life and travel, this is not a job, it is something I do for enjoyment, I am wanting the most amount of enjoyment out of my life for the least amount of money, I want to live an optimized life.

The less gear I travel with the more it cost, I will repeat…
“The less gear I travel with the more it cost.”
(Note: I do not buy gear in gear shops.)

The lighter my pack, the more it cost to travel, if you want to travel cheap, there are things you NEED. For example, you need a Mosquito Net so you can live in cheap rooms or camp, and a cooking kit to allow you to cook in your room or on the path. I carry a 3-dollar electric hotplate about one-half the year, I travel cheap, on a budget, and I make it work, I do not play delusional games.

Ultralight Backpacking is expensive and extremely time consuming, however for the gear heads that buy gear as a hobby, however never use it, then the Ultralight Backpacking concept is a great idea. I am fully aware that 90 percent of people buy gear they never need.

Do not get confused here, there is a way the ultralight backpacking pages or people write that misses the goal, they throw out the baby with the soapy water.

I often ask tourist,
“Did you fall asleep in the gear shop?”
“I mean, do you live in a gear shop?”

I travel all the time, however I almost never go in a gear shop because it is a waste of energy, I do enter there to find ideas, and they go by the cheap globally available products, something I can buy anywhere on the planet, not in one country.

Do you think I carry one thing in my pack I do not need? I even have a policy, if I do not wear a shirt for one month, I throw it out, if I have anything in my backpack besides my Mosquito net that I do not use for three months, I throw it out, it is rubbish, it become trash. If I do not touch it, it is gone.

I do not carry a Swiss Knife or a Leatherman because they weight too much and do not provide me the enjoyment of living I want, the Swiss Knife is incredibly dirty after eating and all the gear heads steal them or borrow and never give back. I personally use a knife to cut and a spoon and a normal fork to eat.

Here is one of the more interesting pages with many links for ultra light wimps, not the best place to learn how to travel the planet, however there are some great ideas on how to simplify or lighten up your load. Traveling the planet is radically different then going up into the mountains for two weeks, then going home, plus remember, you can live with nothing on our back for two weeks, and you do not need a backpack so going ultralight is easy.

Ultralight Backpacking