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Allah Akbar USA December 30 2009

A person clicked on the contact form, and sent this to me today:

ID: 2720
Category: Question for Andy

Name: Allah Akbar!!!!!
EMail: demianxxxx8484@rambler.ru
Country: Iran
Telephone: 666666666

Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!
Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!Allah Akbar!!!!!......USA 30/12/09!

Website Name: Allah Akbar!!!!!
Website URL: http://

Detected IP Address:
Submitted Through:

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Tuesday, December 29, 2009
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
Travel Gear

Can anybody make an sense of it, the IP address is there, maybe someone can get a sense of what is going on better than me.

Allah Akbar USA December 30 2009


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