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Alcohol Stops Smells Bath Travel Tip

Alcohol Stop Smells Bath Travel Tip
In the USA I can purchase hand sanitizing liquids, I can purchase special made wipes for cleaning my face or body. I am sorry, they normally do not sell these type of products on the other side of the planet, therefore I use the next best things, pure alcohol.

Nanyuki, Kenya
East Africa
Monday, April 6, 2009

I would love it if you washed your face, armpits and other smell parts of your body… please. I have to sit next to you in buses, trains, and planes, sometimes you really do stink.

You need to be careful, some peoples skin cannot handle straight alcohol, however the majority of people can probably use straight alcohol to try to wash away the smells. Alcohol dries quickly, easy to purchase in most countries, sometimes the Islamic countries are difficult, however the majority of them are easy enough and it works.

It is not always possible to take a shower, it is difficult to wash with soap and water, it is a messy, however alcohol used with tissue and you are good to go.

Note, in you can purchase in the Islamic countries, however the pharmacist will ask a lot of questions and it will probably be expensive.

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Alcohol Stop Smells Bath Travel Tip