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Airline Forces You to Check in Carry-On

The majority of travelers on USA Domestic flights appear to only have carry-on bags, few people checked their bags. There appears too many carry on bags for the plane overhead compartments.

I walked down to the luggage carousal to pick up my checked bag, there was only about eight people waiting, this is strange, what is up with this?

New York City - United States of America - Tuesday, November 3, 2009
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A very nice woman I met in the Chicago Airport was standing next to me at the luggage carousal. She said,
“They forced me to check my bag.”

She shows me the ticket, yep, she went all the way to the gate with her carry on bag, and because there was too many carry on bag there was not enough overhead compartment storage for all the bags. The airline forced here to check her bag, and subsequently she had to go to the baggage claim area and wait for her bag.

I think this 20 Dollar per bag fee could backfire as the majority of travelers in the USA opt for only the carry on option. I am sure, and in a way hope they enforce the rules, in my estimate, about 80 percent of all carry on bags are larger than 9 x 14 x 22 inches. Then again, there is not standard size, the new luggage debacle is coming, a great reality soap opera.

I enjoy listening to the indignation of travelers, ooh boy; this is going to be fun when the airlines start to enforce the rules already in place. I am quite sure few of the carry on bags are the correct size. I can hear it now,
“I purchased a carry on.”

Oops, nobody told you, that bag is too big for a carry one, did you measure it, here is a good link talking about the size of carry one, another way for airlines to squeeze you with rules.

Carry On Luggage Guidelines

I was wondering, if all the bags are in the top of the plane, does that mean these planes are flying top heavy? Maybe they will start doing exciting rolls as they flip over in flight.

Airline Forces You to Check in Carry On