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Africa Let Them Kill Each Other

"Can you accept people & cultures just the way they are?"
- Told to me by Kurt, a Peace Corp volunteer who had just finished his two years in Ecuador and came to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil December 23, 2000

I love Africa, and after coming here six times I know why, it is simple. I love children, and it is difficult to find an adult in Africa.

I hate Africa because finding an adult is close to impossible, the place is stupid, primitive, uncivilized and violent.

You know you are having a bad day, week or decade when you find yourself muttering the Serenity Prayer repeatedly like an insane person:
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Ghana, West Africa --- Saturday, April 23, 2011
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile

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Bah, I hope they kill each other in Ivory Coast
I told this to Bah yesterday, maybe I was over-reacting, maybe I am genius. Nonetheless, I cared about my friend Bah from the Ivory Coast enough to return to Ghana with one major mission. My goal was to convince Bah to leave Ivory Coast a country at war, come stay with me in the safe and childish country of Ghana.

I accomplished my goal, I tried to change one persons life and did, it cost me about 1500 US Dollars to so I could be proud of myself, I wanted to look at the guy in the mirror with respect and not say I just looked the other way.

Does Bah Appreciate my Help?
There is no easy answers to love and appreciation, but generally she does say thank you. However, as I said, Africa is a big child, and she is 100 percent African, she believes that white people are around to help Africa, it is not a right for me to expect more than what she can be in life, she is and always will be from the African culture.

I want to give long-term readers a clue, I have written for months about Bah, and she has never read one Blog post I have written.

I will leave this morning, I will travel to the city of Koforidua, Ghana close the Accra Airport. Then on Sunday night, I will fly to Sosua, Dominican Republic, a more modern version of Africa.

Africa Let Them Kill Each Other


Agree with all my heart. When will we learn to stop interfering in these countries internal affairs, I cant believe after Iraq and Afghanstan and with no money to spare we are being drawn into the Libyan conflict. I guess its oil and things though. Also some vanity on the side of world leaders seeing themselves performing on a world stage and going down in history for what they did or did not do. With all the problems we have internally why do we need to focus on those of others. The future of mankind does not include the armed forces.


Well Happy Easter Day to you anyway, the two young men from Ghana that I traveled with on the train from Warsaw into Moscow in 1983 were far from childish, Ghana was 'socialist' then, the 2 young men were getting a free education from the Soviet Union, the ultimate 'social paradise', in a segregated dorm and the Slavs, Russians would occasionaly spit at them and hurl racial ephithets, those 2 young Ghanians taught me how to smuggle stuff into then socialist countries to sell, in New York City I worked with several Africans who had left their homeland, one was a former Nigerian civil servant who wrote a book called 'How to be a good Nigerian' all about the Nigeran system of 'dash' bribes and favor and all the corruption, the book is so funny one could not stop laughing through it all, this of course was the 1970s, before your 'time'. I have followed you a long time and seen on your journal idiotic put dpwns from time to time against ' ex pats ' or ' city people ' all that and $2.25 gets you on the Metro System in NYC, what is there to see and do in Ghana, fine to philosiphize about cultures, but a travel journal should be first and foremost a travel journal, then whine about your personal feekings, opinions and try to think like the locals when conversing with them. Your dime, your time, your site, your life, in the end as the poster above says cute with food and dress money, women want security, saying nasty things about others is a character defect, I have it, now I think it, let it go, crap it out, tommorow is another day, stop beomg so self concious and buena suerte in the DR. I am about off every social networking site I joined alreasy for peace of mind.