Africa it could Break at any Time

"Mr. Fennyman, allow me to explain about the theatre business. The natural condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster."
"So what do we do?"
"Nothing. Strangely enough, it all turns out well."
"I don't know. It's a mystery."

--- Quote from the Movie "Shakespeare in Love."

Andy - Please Obey the Stereotype of White Men in Africa
This is a photo of Bah, my Ivory Coast girlfriend carrying a bag of water. If a white man carried it, it would mean I am broken, stopped being American, and I had become African. This is not what Africa wants. All I had to say to Bah to get her to carry the large bag of water was,
"Bah, everyone will look at me."
"White men in Africa do not carry water."

Accra, Ghana West Africa --- Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Taxi Driver said
My taxi broke down returning from the Liberian Embassy, he got it working, and the driver said,
"It could break at any time."
I thought to myself,
"And what is new, Africa can break at any time."

I want to empathize with people of the world; I want to understand why everyone avoids Africa and why they all want to go to Europe or America. I think maybe I have found another clue, the reason is simple, it is because nobody wants to enter a taxi that could break down. Africa is a place where at any given moment, a country could break, and there could be a civil war. I left Ivory Coast to take a short trip to meet a friend in Togo, while I was gone, Ivory Coast broke.

I Broke and I was Repaired
I have survived a world of shit in my life; I broke my femur at age 23, and was in a caste for a year. I got my third DWI and they took away my drivers license for 10 years, I need to ride a moped around for years. That situation piled up and caused me to tumble further down into a hole whereby I filed Bankruptcy. I have had a ton of bad shit happen in my life, and I often say,
"I cannot relate to a bad day, I have had bad decades."

Of course, more than three women have broken my heart, I do not trust women, and I know they can hurt me. This is more dangerous than Africa, if I get too hurt, I could break again, and start to drink, maybe kill myself.

However, I stopped drinkng 22 years ago, and where am I today? I am on an endless vacation, and life is good, I self-repaired. Time does not solve all problems, the passing of time allows all problems to pass away and be forgotten. With enough time, all sins are forgiven, or at least ignored.

Why the rant about my woes in life?
Today, I am 100 percent sure that it is ok to enter a Taxi that could break down. I am 100 percent sure it is ok to enter a country that could break. Why, not because I am an optimist, it is because I am a realist, I know that with time, the taxi will figure out a way to fix itself and with time, a broken country in Africa will be mended and proceed forward.

However, you say, the USA is not that way, please get a life…
The USA broke in two; we had a "Civil War," it repaired itself and went on to become a world power. WW I, and WW II, the whole world broke into pieces. Rwanda genocide killed about 800,000 people; the good white people in WW II killed 50 Million.

I accept that at any moment my world could break, I do not live under any delusions. I wait for things to break, and I wait for them to repair. When we accept that the world will break, and that somehow in a magically way, the world will repair itself, then it is the start of a good day. I do not hope that things will get better, I am positive all thing broken repair themselves. Maybe not the way we want, but the world will go on, and we will forget a bad day or a bad decade.

I am grateful today, and a grateful person does not take the first drink. My advice is live a little, engage the world, and enter a relationship that could break your heart, start something today that could fail. Come to Africa, it is a taxi that could break tomorrow, but that is ok; somehow it will soon magically start to work again.

Africa it could Break at any Time