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Addicted to Writing Maybe Talking is having trouble with mail delivery of the Travel Journal this one is not being sent by email.

Therefore, I am sitting here frustrated and angry with this black hole called the internet. Writing for internet pages is a pig in a poke, it is not a satisfying experience. I believe the majority of writers on the internet want to be popular, maybe famous, never exposing their true self, they sort of know.
“If you really knew what I was thinking, you would not like me…”

The more honest I am, the bigger my enemies, this seems confused.

As a recovering Alcoholic, I have a self-talk safety system that says,

I need to STOP… put on the brakes, step back a couple feet, and ask myself some questions.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Friday, February 5, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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A person should never get too,

Lonely or
Tired … H.A.L.T.

Addicted to Writing
Alcoholics do not stop addictions; they trade alcohol in for other ones, hopefully socially accepted ones.

Today, I felt the grimace on my face, I know I am wrinkling my forehead, there is tightness in my mind, and my body is agitated. I am wound up, I am too angry.

I need to write, I am addicted, I need to vent something from my mind.

I suppose I need to balance out my addictions:

1. Reading - My current book needs thrown.
2. Walking and looking - (Sosua DR is not good for this.)
3. Movies - I have HBO, but feel better when I can rent movies.
4. Talking - Yes, I go down to Rocky’s and talk too much.
5. Friends - This is good, but sometimes friends confuse me.

I have been doing this writing thing for a long time, I think it is time I channeled this energy into writing a book. I do not care about money or fame; however, I feel I have a book in me. Maybe you could compare this to actors,

1. Movies
2. Stage
3. Television

I believe Movie actors consider Television a step down, I think I need to take a step up and write book. I need the new challenge, the bigger game.

I do not need encouragement to write a book from readers, I need to find my stride, I need to see the shot. (Basketball Thinking, I played a lot.)

Addicted to Writing Maybe Talking


You should write a book, I would probably buy it, just as long as you didn't curse in it.