Accepting We Work to Travel

Accepting We Work to Travel
“When a person accepts they must work to earn money, they can start to earn money.”
- Quote from Ian from England October 2009

The World is My Toy… Kind of looks like a Beach Ball.

Reading this Travel Journal is Entertainment.
Writing this Travel Journal is Work.
I enjoy my work.

Monday, October 12, 2009

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Enmeshment is the Problem

I know at least 200 Travel Bloggers who wish to travel the world and make money travel writing. I believe one may do it, the others… well, they do not understand they are not on vacation. Yes, the majority of my day resembles a vacation, I know I am not a tourist, I truly hate looking at tourist attractions, but I do enjoy not working, which is what we can call a “Vacation.”

It is quite simple, these wanna be Travel Writers somehow enmesh play and work, then deduce in a leap of logic that playing, partying, touristy things, and their vacation is work. Somehow, these people believe they will be paid for partying their way around the planet.

I tell all my 200 friends who want to make money while they travel,
“Wake up in the morning and work two hours.”
I say something then,
“Thinking about work, is not work.”
I know they have a juicy rationalization that their good intentions were work, they went to the Internet Café got on for two hours, and they call that work.

I feel like a father,
“Did you Blog?”
“No, but I did look at my Photos.”

My friend Ian here in the Philippines works about six months than travels for about six month. He told me
“When a person accepts they must work to earn money, they can start to earn money.”

I love these truisms, when I hear comments like this my ear perk up, I know these are the telltale signs of a brilliant mind. Then I look if there is any action behind the words. If there is a correlation between the words and action, I am excited to know the person. I am excited to know Ian from England, I know he works.

“Say what you are going to do, and do what you say.”

(I will not start on Obama and this Peace Prize crapola, the award that is given after you do something, not before. Geez, I spent 22 years going to 12-step meetings to learn, I am not rewarded for my good intentions, unless you are President.)

I am here in my nice quiet room, it is 5:38 am, and I can hear a rooster crowing, and the roar of the Philippines highway 100 meters away. I am here pounding my fingers on a computer, trying thinking what did I do to deserve such a wonderful life.

That is rather easy question to answer,
1. “I accepted I need to work.”
2. I did the action, “I work.”

I also believe this,
“People that play hard can work hard.”

I like the one,
“You can separate the size of the boys, by the size of their toys.”
Is the world my toy?

Accepting We Work to Travel


Very different post as compared to the rest of your blog. The difference made me to very curious about your state of mind when you wrote it. Nonetheless the topic was interesting and timely for me as I'm considering traveling round the world after finishing my book "Amongst Artists in Antigua". My stop in Antigua to finish the book, which will profile painters, sculptors, writers, photographers and other artists in Antigua and Barbuda, will likely be the first leg in a round the world trip.

I understand what you mean about travel blogging being a job that requires work, but I'm looking really hard for ways to minimize the work involved. Particularly in updating and promoting it. I believe that its possible to dramatically reduce the time I spend updating and uploading to my blog, but time will tell if any of my planned measures do actually result in a reduction in that time. Hopefully I'll be able to spend more time writing and taking photographs or videos and less time copying them to the internet or formatting them on a blog.


Hey Andy, Small World, I followed your behavior about 15 minutes later this morning as I "worked" and organized today's "Things to Do" schedule. Back in Manila now with a slight Boracay sunburn anxious to get on with the project. Here's a couple of one-liners I used most of my life that you may or may not like and adopt in the future: "When whatever I'm doing feels like a "JOB" I CHANGE it ASAP" and "When whatever business I'm doing requires a GUN it's TIME to CHANGE businesses". So what do you think about your upcoming destination? Will you be heading to a country where you have been before or to a new country not yet experienced?? Keep up that POSITIVE ENERGY thinking "Oh what a beautiful day it is" and HOW LUCKY we are to be ALIVE and living the lives we have chosen to live.

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