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Aboisso to Banoua Ivory Coast Check for ATM

Aboisso to Banoua Ivory Coast
Sunday August 6, 2006, 5:54 AM
Aboisso Ivory Coast

I am going to return to or go to Banoua for the first time, we stopped there on the way to Aboisso to pick up or drop off persons. I will return to the city and live for at least one night to see if there is ATM and Internet there.

I should be able to take one the group taxi station wagons for around 1000 CFA or two Dollars U.S. It is not far, less than 45 minutes. It took me from porthole to porthole about 2 hours with the direct from Bassam Station Wagon to Aboisso trip.

Hmm, it is 5:59, I may take a quick walk to the Gare and see where else the crazy buses want to go; that nobody seems to think is important. This is a bigger bus stop or Gare in a way, more organized than Bassam, who know why, but this is somehow a junction or gate to somewhere.

Aagh, it is 6:00 AM, by the time I walk over there, I could walk over there and leave for Banoua. I am going to Banoua, one way or the other; I will take notes with my camera. Take a photo and I have the information collected. Funny how the world is still using photos sparingly, then again, they hold all the photos on the memory cards until they remove. I have a computer, if I did not have a computer, I would carry a 50 Gig Portable USB hard drive.

Aboisso to Banoua Ivory Coast