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Aboisso Ivory Coast on River

Aboisso Ivory Coast
August 6, 2006, 2:39 AM

Good points and not so exciting points about this place, the city is located on a river, which appears to be swollen and gushing with water. It is August of 2006; it is in the Northern Hemisphere this is not winters snow water coming down this river. It has been raining a lot; I guess it is rainy season. I do not pay attention to this type of thing much, as rainy season, winter season, tourist season all seem the same to me in the tropical places of the planet. Sometimes I carry an umbrella, which is about the only difference, a rainy season does not mean often it really rains all the day

My room in the Hotel Bemosso is exactly what I would expect, and even better than what I expect outside the tourist bubble. I suspect it may be inside, however the war or conflicts here in this country for the last few years has brought the casual tourism to a stop. The Hotel is three floors I think and definitely is not full, it was Saturday Night last night, this place could or should have been busier, even if only couples here for boom boom.

I am happily back on Hobo budget at 2500 CFA per night or 5 dollars U.S., I am not happy about the bank or internet situation in this town. I am told in Bonoua a city I past there is Internet. The level of living is about the same as the Anciem Bassam area or Carte France, however now there is no bank or internet. I saw along the road homes built of clay with trees limb reinforcement. I know it drops a level down on building construction from the concrete of the town of Aboisso to the clay type construction.

I have seen a few maybe Foreigners here, I think they speak French, hard to say, I was not inclined to go and talk with them, I guess I am French timid yet. There are I think some Lebanese store here, therefore a Lebanese person in some circumstances, could be what I am saying is a Foreigner, I guess I am saying a Foreigner is a person that is not living here. I would normally say traveler, however I have not seen any travelers. Only persons working for NGO’s, United Nations, French Military, Oil Companies, Missionaries, have just plain normal tourism seem to be a no. I on the other hand came to West Africa at the end of summer. Not the high season for Europe to escape the heat, although many countries in Europe do not work in August and go on a long vacation month.

Aboisso Ivory Coast