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Abidjan Ivory Coast and Misery

Abidjan Ivory Coast
Abidjan Ivory Coast West Africa
Monday, October 23, 2006

Misery and more misery, the last 20 days of Niger has been a disaster. The trip to Zinder Niger to check out the malnutrition situation was good, mission accomplished. The escape from Niger was too stupid.

I am very weak, my brain is functioning at about one twentieth the normal speed. Finally, I have made it by accident to Abidjan, and a controlled situation.

Maybe, I have Malaria, at least I am taking the medicine for Malaria, how do I know if I have Malaria, this is the stupid part, I need to self-diagnose. Great method and many people just say, you have malaria, hard to find the reason. However, easier to take the cure, then to know the truth.

I have little energy to type.

Abidjan Ivory Coast