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A Traveler in Sosua Dominican Republic

Yesterday, I paid the rent for another month here in Sosua, Dominican Republic, I suspect I will be here for 30 more days, but I am never sure, I am not a tourist.
(If you are a tourist, Shooo!, get out of here, you are on the wrong site.)

People I meet in Sosua ask,
"When are you leaving?
I buy one-way plane tickets, and cannot answer this question.
I would say,
"I do not know."
Which begets the next question?
"Do you live here in Sosua?"
I say,

I have confused the person, they want to understand, and they think I am being devious and evasive, that is not my goal. I search for an answer that will give closure.
I say,
"I am a traveler."
The people say to themselves,
"So am I."

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, February 11, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Notes on my Frustration
Regular readers know I am frustrated, angry, full of rage, I think I am angry with myself. I created this huge mess, and I need to untangle it.

I do not want readers to read this Blog looking for Tourist information,

The circular conversation above is the pivotal problem that causes me to become frustrated. When I write on this Travel Journal, I am talking to tourist, I am trying to teach them to travel forever, and they only want to go on vacation. The tourist need to leave, and the dreamers need to come on board.

The first impression of this site needs to be about going to Haiti, Iraq, searching for un-contacted tribes and the enjoyment of culture. Danger, Violence, Challenge and all the other off the wall things I love to do, then somehow explain, like a Hobo, we need to jump out of our skin and become what we dream about, not what we are told is acceptable.

Today I am Sosua.
Tomorrow, I do not know.

We all start to write a book of about our lives, and somehow live another.

Do you want to be a Traveler? I suspect your answer is no, therefore I am confused what I am doing…

A Traveler in Sosua Dominican Republic


I want to be a traveler, but I don't have enough wisdom yet to do what you are doing. Not to mention I have a family and so for me it is going to be a little more difficult to do what you are doing. I don't think it is impossible however, I have read several other blogs of families who are travelers and they seem to be doing ok. I do read on your blog about the rage against this or that, but one thing I don't read about is too many difficulties. I wonder if this is because your really not experiencing many difficulties or if it is because like most of us you don't want to share them.

On a different note, how long are visas good for in the Dominican Republic. My guess is 90 days, for a tourist visa. Then again you say your not a tourist so maybe you have a different type of visa??


What is difficult? Generally, my experience level, my ability to take a crap room and transform it into a comfortable room is second nature, I tend to forget I do this.

What is natural for me, is often difficult for others.

I am not sure, maybe I do not talk about what is difficult. What is difficult for me it to keep my frustration down when I surrounded by silly people. I do not suffer fools well, truly do not want to be around a bunch of grown children who are too lazy to do their research.

Listening to these grown children is what is difficult in my life.

To go to Iraq, Haiti, see uncontacted tribes is easy enough, but requires money, that is the more difficult side, how to earn enough money to go. I must earn this money while in transit, this is the difference, I do two things at one time.

You do not need experience to travel, you need money, but to follow me around you need some big huevos.



It seems to be that you are in conflict about what you want and what you have to do to get there. Your goal of making $100,000 a year to continue traveling and finance even deeper travel is a noble one. What you have to do to increase revenue is to increase traffic. But you tell some readers to leave.

Why then must the tourist leave. Are they harming you somehow? Or do they add to your following? Doesn't a larger readership make it easier for the pro traveler (of which there can't be that many, especially doing what you do) to find you? Whether you like it or not, your'e in the dream selling business. Those cubicle people depend on you. You represent freedom.

I personally liked the suggested catchy moniker Planet Man. Andy Graham ~ Planet Man


Travelers or people who want to be Travelers, this is the group I want to write for, I am self-employed. The goal here is to make me happy first, and readers second, I think it is obvious I do not tell readers what they want to hear. If I only wanted money, I would go home and sell real estate where I made 200,000.

To be happy, a person must do more things in a day that makes one happy, and avoid the unhappy situations.

I am an adventure traveler, I am a difficult person to understand, or know, I am more than willing to tell a person to leave my world. I must be this person, when I am in a aggressive countries, I thrive because I am more aggressive on demand than the locals.

Would you want to join a country club where the allowed poor people to join?


Fun stuff, and as normal, I am the one who gets to travel the planet forever.

To me, this is an ethical question, while comments infer I owe readers, please understand I am not obligated to write. I would make the same amount of money if I did not write. The belief that I make money from readers is daily readers is a fallacy in a way, not that simple, but the bulk of money comes from first time visits.

In my guesstimation, one page makes 80 cents per year, and daily readers only contribute about 2 cents of that money. In the course of five years, providing google does not put the page into the supplemental, I will make about 3.20 Dollars.

I earn about 3.20, but about 8 cents comes from daily readers.

Generally, I get my two cents from daily readers and I think I could earn 100 times that if I got the tourist to avoid the blog.(Or make them into tourist who make the decision to be on the bandwagon and dream of being a traveler.)

However, if I was getting 500 Dollars per post, my opinions would not be for sale. My opinions are of proprietary value, if I refuse to say something because it offends readers, then my opinion has no value.

Therefore, to me, if I think, or want to say, "Tourist leave," if I think it, if I feel it, I should write it. I have prided myself in giving readers my unedited feelings and beliefs. This is what sets me apart from the rest, I am not for sale.


If the majority of readers could learn how to make money from an Internet site, then the majority would all be out traveling or having fun.

Random Blogger, I hope you are making enough money to live anywhere, say about 35,000 US per year from your site or blog and you can live anywhere.

I explain the essential daily, and people can not see the insights, maybe one day it will click for a few. Generally readers just continue to tell me I do not know what I am doing, and here I am in Sosua, DR and they are at home, go figure.

I never tried to save money, spent it all on office crap, supporting project. I do the same now, all my money goes towards to get big money. I truly just blog for kicks, and for the branding. Travel Blogging about Plane Tickets or Hotels can make you a lot of money, the diary type are not big money makers.

No doubt, the best way to become a perpetual traveler it to somehow retire with enough income to travel forever. This is the best type of perpetual traveler, when you read about a young one, they normally are lying, they are stopping to work.

I call this the three month rule, if you are in one location longer than three months you are living there and have stopped traveling.


Am I Elitist? No, I do not expect special treatment.

I allow readers to treat me with disrespect, I elicit, I ask question in way that encourages it, I am the opposite, I provoke you to tell me your true thoughts.

Do you want a tourist on a two week vacation to explain to you how to travel?

I am an expert traveler.

I am also an expert at the Internet, the bottom line, I know that a niche is easier to exploit than the whole. I have a better chance of reaching all the adventure traveler or professional travelers than I do of reaching ALL TOURIST.

Elitist Defined by Dictionary.
"The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources." kind of screwed tihs one up,but here it is:


Maybe I earn 1-2 dollars from daily readers. If I stopped blogging, I would make the same amount of traffic.

This is Blog Traffic Separated:

This is the total of the directory part of and the Blog.

I also get about 5000 Uniques per day from, but it uses Google Analytics.

There are two boxes at the bottom of the page, click on them and learn if you truly want to learn about traffic.


Tourist Stereotype:


The first wave of mass tourists sees themselves as innovators, worldly, outward looking, risk takers who are different and somehow better than other members of society. Yet, in reality, they are relative latecomers to the world of international tourism, causing members of the receiving community to perceive them as laggards, inward looking individuals who are culturally and socially introverted, unworldly and resistant to change. The situation is exacerbated by package tour participation which is the typical way any new markets begins to travel. Unfortunately, packages produce a highly mediated experience between host and guest that intensify the sense of outsidedness felt by each group, which in turn create stereotypes.