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A Hobo Researching Offshore Tax Havens

I am assigning one of our staff researchers to collect information on offshore topics. I need help in digesting all the related topics. However, I know many readers cannot believe a person who calls himself a Hobo can have a brain, which is hilariously, ludicrously and radically stupid.

Offshore investing or traveling to hide money is a huge reason people travel.

This is what looks like 50 percent of the men walking around in the center of city of Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Is that the look you think about when you think of the DR?

A label puts people in a box, which is good, normally the person making the label is incapable of leaving the box, and while the person in the box does anything, they want.

I enjoy a good stereotype, I enjoy stacking up people, aligning them into small categories and labeling them. I see this as a 100 percent needed ability of a long-term traveler, you need to this of you are going to be talking with a never-ending list of crazy Expats because you was liberal and tolerant. When a person is too open-minded, they listen to truly stupid people, crazies with no filters on their brains with many wild ideas, you can sit there for hours listening to gibberish and they accept into their life bad quality conversations.

Please, it is not the right of fools, to force you to suffer the

A good generalization is generally correct, and a wise person makes them quickly and accurately. However, the average person is generally wrong in their generalizations and arrived confuse, probably stoned.

There are people who say they are not judgmental, these people are delusional, and it is not possible to think even a stray thought without sizing up a situation and making a judgment.

The goal is to not hold any opinion as written in concrete, and unchangeable, all people are unique, they all deserve fair play.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Judging People at the Speed of Light
I judge people fast as lighting, with no restraining of my mind or editing. I label people and put one of my long lists of memorized cliché stereotypes. You do the exact same; you are just living under false illusions about what you think in your inner mind.

Hippie Dippie
Boom Boom Girl
I have word for the men that find boom boom girls, but cannot use here… hehehe

Ok, what is my label for the two men above… hmm?
The boys from the hood.
Overgrown Basketball players
(Men who forget to grow up.)

My Point of this Writing
The two men above probably make great money, probably live in New York City, often there are these black police officers of firefighters from New York City that come to Sosua. I am not sure why, but generally they are taller than six foot two inches and often fat. They are often highly educated, but want to walk around on vacation with their pants falling down. They are on some of the most expensive two-day tourists budgets on the planet.

These two boys could easy drop 400 US Dollars per day or night. They may have flown down to POP with round-trip to buy a few boom boom girls. They can easily drop 1500 dollars on two-night trip to the DR.

I have never met any that are drug dealers, normally just overgrown boys who make too much money and blow it in Sosua on women.

I am an equal opportunity talker
I do not go out of my way to talk with the boys from the hood, normally keep a little distance; I know that black people from the USA can really have an attitude against white people, so I am cautious. It is just a their misguided cultural misinterpretations of prejudice, they believe white people are all prejudice, therefore they are prejudice against all white people, sort of reverse prejudice, a never ending circle, everyone is caught because they cannot reason this out clearly.

I do not give a crap what color they are, I care how they treat me, or expect me to act in their presence.

The boys in Sosua are normally the more open-minded group of Blacks from America. I start up a conversation with them often. I like to lobby with them to go to Africa, generally Africa is the last place these men will ever go, but I am trying to lobby they go support Africa. Africa has a disproportionate amount of white tourist, African people feel abandoned by the Black Americans.

How people stereotype me?
I be Hobo.

I labeled myself a Hobo and trust me, 80 percent of readers take that literal. I am supposed to live, eat, and sleep in a hovel. I am suppose to dress like a bum, or be a tramp, I am not sure why, I think they want to fantasize.

I need to say, I am a Jet Set Hobo, I have spent more money on plane tickets than about 99 percent of the people on the planet.

I truly do not care what you call me, which is your side of the equation; it has little influence on me, but guess what? I am going to add a great deal of research to on the subject of living and investing offshore even if you think it is off-topic for a Hobo, because to me it is an essential travel related topic.

I am not truly clear in my mind yet, but I know this, the number one reason to travel that makes sense is money. I can take an income of 30-40,000 US per year, and live like a person making 150,000 in the USA. A person can leverage that small income into becoming a very big fish in a small pond.

At the essence, the best reason to travel is because your money goes 10 time farther when you live in a third world nation like the Dominican Republic. The average person here earns less than 10 dollars per day packing groceries, or driving a taxi. I am an incredibly rich person living in a rather paradise looking country, surrounded by a bunch of locals that make small money compared to me.

Ok, I need help, I need to add more words to this list of offshore concerns, I need to expand this list of topics about double or triple, and so the researcher can have more meat with her potatoes.

Do you know more topics that are related?

Please write me an e-mail or click on Contact above, if for some reason you feel you are an expert on any of the topics below, you can apply to edit page and add information to the topic, sort of in the Wiki edit way, but easier. Note, it makes life easier to research if the topic is already in Wiki.

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Controlled Foreign Corporation
Corporate Haven
Corporate Inversion
Expat Tax Returns
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Free Port
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Transfer Pricing

Did you understand my rant, please, accept that Hobo is just a label for me; it applies only about 10 percent of the time, it is a fun name and theme for a web site.

A label is a way to start to understand another human, but please remove all labels before going through customs, the immigration officials will make you pay taxes.

A Hobo Researching Offshore Tax Havens