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99 Percent of Hotel Owners are Slumlords

Where is the Hotel Maintenance Man?
I have zero hope for Hotels; it does not even cross my mind to call the receptionist and say,
"Please send the maintenance person to fix the toilet."

That is a hopeless desire, what I say is,
Can I change rooms?"

The best solution to maintenance problems for tourists is to change room, after living in over 1000 Hotel rooms a person knows what solutions work.

My door handle broke about 10 days ago here in Senegal; I put it back on, and started using a small handle close the deadbolt. - (I seldom request Hotels to repair problems, I have given up, and it is hopeless.)

95 percent of small hotels do not have any regular Maintenance person.
4 percent have a person they can call to come to the Hotel.
1 percent has a person working in the Hotel, or the owner is the maintenance person.

Note, there are 25 Million Hotels on planet earth, only about 50,000 are five start tourist hotels or resorts that maybe have a maintenance man. Ask the concierge to introduce you to the maintenance person, you may have a long wait.

Bottom line is this,
"99 percent of Hotels are slumlords; they refuse to do maintenance until forced."
They know that 95 percent of the clientele will leave tomorrow, and the problem will end, the complaint ended, therefore the problem ended. I change rooms within a Hotel roughly 20 percent of the time. I find the best room, then peruse the Hotel for a couple of days and move into a better room after I have weighed the situation, and understand why some rooms are better.

The bottom of the door rubs the floor; it probably has been this way for years. I broke the handle probably because I am too strong and pulled too quickly. If a Hotel cares about its clients, it has a maintenance person. I can buy beer in the majority of Hotels easier than I can have a light bulb changed in the room.

Dakar / Yoff / Senegal, West-West Africa --- Saturday, March 19, 2011


I went to the Air Nigeria office yesterday and purchased a ticket leaving from Dakar, Senegal on Monday to Accra, Ghana for 620 USD one-way. Upon walking away in the downtown part of Dakar near the Marche Kermel, I met this girl selling coffee. I sat down, quickly realized she was selling tea and was happy, she wanted 50 CFA, about 10 cents for a small shot glass of tea. This was a small oasis in the middle of scoundrels, central Dakar if full of people wanting to cheat me, it is the center where all the stupidest of stupid tourist hang out. Well, to find a good-hearted woman in the middle of Jerk-Ville-Dakar, Senegal was a great feeling.

Tea from a nice Senegal girl was relaxing; I had just left "Air Nigeria." (--- I said, I had just left "Air Nigeria.") If you do not like getting e-mails from Nigeria, imagine buying a plane ticket, I am fearless.

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I went into a small hardware shop yesterday and purchased a clip-on light to use for my shaving mirror. I have entered this place many times, the boy refuses to have stop the music or stop playing on the cell phone, it is amazing this new world we live in, nobody cares. The cell phone, music and Facebook rule the planet, and people who play sports are Gods.

99 Percent of Hotel Owners are Slumlords


I managed over 250 homes, I know this from both sides.

99 percent of Hotel owners are slumlords defined as,
"A person who the absolute minimum needed to keep the tenants from leaving."

This is the problem, all tenants or residents of a Hotel leave eventually.

How fast they leave is what tells me if a Hotel is good or bad. If nobody in a Hotel stays longer than their reservation, then there is a huge problem.

There is ZERO reason to buy overseas, Real Estate sales overseas make the slumlords of Hotels look like saints. If truly want bent over, buy Real Estate.

The USA thinks they are smart, funny, as there is mass foreclosures in the USA.

I would like Hotel.owners and managers to:

1. The owner or manager walks into the room to inspect.
2. The owner or manager checks to see if the cleaning person done their job.
3. Hire a full time maintenance person, and get rid of one bar tender.

If I do not see a maintenance person in a Hotel, I know the Hotel owner is a slumlord.

There is a proper price for a room with no maintenance, and if the price is right, then I do no care if their is a maintenance person.

Value, this is why a 5 dollar room is always a good value, the more I pay, the less the value i receive for my money. At the end, I can take a five dollar room and convert it into a 50 dollar room, it is just four walls. I would rather pay the five dollars, then pay 20 dollars to do the conversion of a crap room.

There is almost no correlation between price and what you get, it is all just promotion.

Understand, that type of post destroys my abilty to sell advertising.


There are problems in a hotel that do not sneak up on people. I have a towel with a huge tear in it here in Senegal. I have dirt that is ground in under my bed. I have a front door that makes a huge noise when I open, it probably has been this way since the hotel was built. It goes on an on, I am not in a cheap Hobo Hotel, I am in a Hotel managed by a Belgium women. I am in the Auberge Via Via in Yoff, Senegal.

I needed the Internet for my business to function, as best I can tell, I have a 5-10 dollar room and paying 20 dollars per day for Internet access.

The electricity just went off, there is no backup generator, The managers are slumlords, and they are from Belgium.

There is a proper price to pay for all rooms, and sometimes other things are going on in our life, we just pay the money.

The last line of every person in a Hotel,
"It is ok, I am leaving tomorrow."