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90 Percent of Foreigners Marry Bargirls

2009-10-17 22:49:15

90 Percent of Foreigners Marry Bargirls
90 percent of of Foreigners or Expats in the Philippines or Thailand, not the world.

I believe a healthy person studies love. How can I give or receive love unless I understand what love is to me, or better yet, what love is not. I am always happy when a man or woman finds a mate, a companion for life, I am positive man do not care much about the who, when, where, why, what, how, and how much.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

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I have been interviewing people in the Philippines and Thailand for years; I drill my Thailand Girlfriend with the questions. It has become a focal point in our relationship because the people automatically treat her as a prostitute when she is walking with me. She is ashamed to walk with me, it is truly a problem, she refuses to talk to me in general Thai public.

The question comes,
“What percentage of men in Thailand are marrying bargirls?”
If only 10 percent than my girlfriend is paranoid. I believe 98 percent of the foreigners in Thailand marry bargirls.

“What percentage of men in the Philippines marries bargirls?”

There are many scenarios.

1. Girls are and he knows it and married anyway.
2. Do not know and married.
3. Denies he married this type of girl.
4. Does not call a bargirl a “P.”

I interviewed two people from the Philippine, one a women who has lived in the Philippines for about 20 years.

Interview Woman Expat
She says,
“90 percent marry bargirls here in the Philippines.”
I asked,
“How do you know?”

35 Year old Philippines Man
He said,
“90 percent of Foreigners are with bargirls.”

He is the owner of a small canteen, wise, and open to conversations, truly does not hide behind the typical Filipino shame or denial systems. It was a curious conversation with him vacillating between cultures, trying to be western, but then reverting to Filipino.
“How do you know?”

The answer to how you know was the same for both the foreigner Expat woman and the Filipino. They said, you can tell by the way they dress, maybe more lipstick, maybe high heels, etc, however there is some stereotypical view they have of bargirls and the can recognize it when they see. In the end, he said,
“If you want to meet a nice girl, take her to Baguio.”

My Thailand girl invited me to leave the city to talk with her, she was so afraid of her own culture, she knew she must leave here city. I seldom find married couple returning the city of their youth; they more or less need a geographical cure.

Here is a good quotes about Thailand,

“10% farang males marry bargirls and the remaining 90% non-bar girls ??? I don't know where you got that figure from, but it seems like you got your stats back to front. Or maybe its just the social circles I move in ??
- Cognos
Mini Survey Marry Thai Bar Girls

“Could it be White Knight Syndrome? Planeloads of lonely, kind-hearted guys arrive in Thailand each day and there are plenty of damsels apparently in distress to choose from.”
Nice Guys Marry Thai P

"Should Have Told Me”
- rontheneq
Maried to Former P

I am tempted to say that man has an unlimited ability to forgive, however I know I am wrong, I would just be subjugating my morals into all the Expats. In reality, I know, they just do not care, and for many, it is as good as it gets. It is obvious many men divorced their wives and came to Thailand or the Philippines to upgrade who whom they sleep.

I find having friends incredibly difficult in countries where girls are considered trash when they talk to foreigners. It is incredibly difficult to make friends with Thai or Filipino people, the Expats, well they are kind of like the girls they marry.

90 Percent of Foreigners Marry Bargirls