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9/11 is Tall Poppy Syndrome

2010-09-11 11:06:54

9/11 is Tall Poppy Syndrome
Note, I recommend you do not read this small rant; it will bore you to tears.

I was walking through the village here in Africa, suddenly a parade of brightly dressed African were approaching. I thought to myself,
"What day is it?"
"Hmm, it is Friday, the Islamic day of worship or not working."
They sort of get to take Friday and Sunday off, a true benefit.

Suddenly I had a pause; I remember there was some fool in the USA who was going to burn the Holy Book of Islam called the Qur’an. Yes, Obama tells me we are not a war with Islam, and generally, this is true --- and to be safe I keep my brain working, ignoring the platitudes.

I took this Photo a few years ago here in the Grand Bassam; Ivory Coast is truly one of the more invigorating places to watch women on the planet.

Grand Bassam, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa --- Saturday, September 11, 2010


Tall Poppy Syndrome
The more I travel, the less use I have for organized religions, I am Christian, and normally ashamed to associate with Christians. When anyone stops and testifies to any religion, I try to politely walk away, my life is way to short to listen to anyone who wants to be a "Tall Poppy." When they want to say, I am the taller poppy, I am right, I know, listen to me, and then maybe I should not listen.

That is my twist on the "Tall Poppy Syndrome," or how I have learned to view the world. A place where people continually strive to be special, and envy is rampant. This idea that we are special is a truly dangerous thought. Status-cism is the worst malady on the planet, the desire to say, I am higher status, this to me is the essential ingredient that lead to 9/11.

Volunteers go to other countries to say, "I can fix you…"

It is Easy to Avoid These Issues
You do know, there are people who go looking for a fight, and there are people who will volunteer to give a fight, this is just human nature. The majority of travelers or tourist who has trouble volunteered, they went looking for trouble, and they got what they wanted.

I have been laughing at myself, I am a very simple and content person, and nothing seems to truly frazzle me. You would think if it did, I would pay attention and live in fear; instead, I tend to just ignore all issues. Here is a list of things a sane man may have cared about before coming to Ivory Coast, West Africa.
(I wish I did not need to tell the world where Ivory Coast is)

I am here in Ivory Coast and October 21 or 31 they tell me there will be a National Election, a truly dangerous time in Africa, it highly possible there could be riots.
"So what?"
--- Another easy to avoid issue…

I am not sure; maybe rainy season will start soon, who know? They tell me there are no roads in Liberia worth a darn, this and rain is not a good combination. I could be trapped in some Africa village for weeks without transportation.
"So what?"

The USA Government Warnings and the Lonely Planet says,
"Liberia is not a tourist country." (The next country down the path.)
There is this insane idea, that tourist are good, truly they are bad, I should care, but I do not, my core values are to tell you the truth on this "Travel Site."
"So what?"

My advice on 9/11, Mosques, and the burning of Korans is to just take a breather, turn off CNN, BBC, and Fox, they are in the business of selling anger. There truly is a war between Islam and all other Religions, there has always been, and I believe there always will be.
"So what?"

War is natural, anger is natural, envy is natural, the 10 Commandments deal with Envy, but for me, I am going to call of this
"Tall Poppy Syndrome."

Here is an interesting page from Wikipedia for those of you who want to get all excited and go chop off the head of the Tall Poppies.

I know you want to take sides, want to say whom the Tall Poppy is, as for me, both the Christians and the Islamic folk want to be the Tall Poppies. To me it is obvious; religions sell "Spiritual Pride." I believe God puts these temptations in our lives as a test, a good man is going to make a good decision, and the bad man is going to be up to his ears in problems.

"Life is good"

Andy Graham in a small 10 Dollars Hotel, with a color TV that is in French somewhere in Africa, truly a nice place to be.

9/11 is Tall Poppy Syndrome