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70 Dollars for Travel Shoes

2009-09-12 16:08:13

70 Dollars for Travel Shoes
30 dollars to buy the Reeboks, 40 dollars to have them sent by normal post to the Philippines, a wait of 16 days for delivery, I have new shoes, I am happy.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Sunday, September 13, 2009
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My old and new Reebok Travel Shoes, one pair will last about one year. I have gone through about 10 pairs of the exact same style of shoes in my 11 years of travel. I was home one time to visit, purchased about four pairs and had them ready to use or be sent to me, It is time to buy some more, I am thinking about 10 pairs this time.

I paid 40 dollars to have a pair of 30 dollars Reebok shoes sent to me, I guess I paid 70 dollars for one pair of shoes. I think this is the most I ever paid for a pair of shoes. My Mother put the underwear on top of the shoes, so in the event someone opened, they would maybe pause before they went farther.

These are secret pockets; I will have two pockets sown into a new pair of shorts here in the Philippines. The little plastic bags have one-cup water heaters, they break easy, and I need about five to last one year. I sometimes use them to heat water for dip showers.

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When I typed in this comment, I took a pause and thought about it.
“I paid 70 dollars for one pair of shoes. I think this is the most I ever paid for a pair of shoes.”

I almost left this out, but this was my true thought, unedited, not attempt to glamorize me. I know this comment makes me a target for criticism. Generally, people will berate and belittle people they consider cheap. There is stupid cheap, there is frugal or wise cheap. However, the way this plays out, I know the average person is not cheap, frugal or even wise about their purchases. They buy items spontaneously providing they have the money in their pocket. And credit cards are amazingly leading the world to economic devastation.

I will have people say something is a good value, normally when I hear this comment, I believe the person does not consider price a variable to consider. Normally their math skills are bad, they cannot do the math in their head, and they cannot remember the prices and generally the person just to justify their temptation purchases.

I want a pair of quality shoes, I do not believe I can guarantee the quality of shoes in the Philippines; therefore I paid 40 dollars to get a 30 dollar pair of shoes sent to me. I want my standard of quality, not your standard.

This all seems like noise to you, but think about this, I have came through this economic situation unscathed. It almost did not change my life, a little, but not really. The primary reason for the economic situation is because the world buys 150-dollar shoes instead of 30 dollars shoes. They purchased a house that cost too much, paid too much, they were greedy, they wanted something that was stupid, and they were slaves to their temptations.

Anybody can be self-employed, anybody can travel the world, however if they are a slave to consumerism, it is hopeless. I do not earn my way to travel; I have saved my way to travel. I am frugal with my money, I am shamelessly cheap, I just refuse to care about my neighbor’s needs, wants or dreams. I dream my own dreams.

By the way, a huge factor in buying these shoes is I know they do not stink when they get wet. I live in one room; the last thing I want to live with is a pair of stinky shoes.

Read about some really crap and stinking Teva Sandals I encountered in the Caribbean and not a good value, and stupid comments and justificaitons, truly readers being anal.

Stinky Teva Sandals in Caribbean

Craig admitting his sandals stinks.
Stinky Teva Sandals

The travel missive here is this, a person must continually, consistently optimize their decisions, if you feel I am cheap, and cannot see the plot, better to stay home, spend your money and bring us out of a recession. I am here enjoying myself, you are there working for a reason, it just makes sense.

70 Dollars for Travel Shoes