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50 Percent of Hotel Rooms used to Make Love

I have perpetually lived in Hotel rooms now for over 13 years, and visited 89 country. After awhile you get to know who your neighbors are in other rooms. Only 1 percent of Hotel rooms on planet earth are occupied by foreign tourists. I am sure of this, if I am in a Hotel with NO other foreign tourists in it, I should be paying what the locals pay, not what a tourists pays.

I estimate there are 25,000,000 Hotels on Planet Earth.

If you flew to the Dominican Republic, left the airport and went to a small hotels in the middle of nowhere, with no tourist attractions. Which is about 99 percent of the hotels on the planet, even though all cities believe they have some tourist attractions, normally they are kidding themselves.

You would find:
50 percent of visitors in the next room over came to Hotel to make love.
25 percent used by traveling sales people.
10 percent used by people traveling to go visit their relatives or family.
10 percent going to visit for no special reason, just to look at the city.
2 percent used for marriages.
2 percent used by tourists from inside the country.
1 percent are used by foreign tourist.

.005 percent by Backpackers, they do not really count.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
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The bottom line is this:
If you are not surrounded by foreign tourists, then maybe you are paying too much.

How much can a local that earns 10-30 US Dollars per day afford to pay per night?

50 Percent of Hotel Rooms used to Make Love


In Latin America, most young people live at home with Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Brother in Law etc. so hotels and 'motels' in some areas are used for making love, also there are many Latin American hotels geared to national and international Latin american business people, I prefer to stay in these as they provide often hot water, cable tv for less than $20 in some areas, the lodging places that cater to foreign travelers can be found in usually popular travel destinations in L.A. Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Copan ruins, Utila and Roatan, Granada, much of Costa rica, el boquete in Panama, etc. In DR and the Caribbean where one cannot bus around the Caribbean are more upscale resorts for foreigners such as in Puerto Plata, the twain really do not mix, recently in Antigua, Guatemala, with a few exceptions, I witnessed a dual society, the Guidebooks and Travel Handbooks list the the 'gringo trail' lodging places'

The difference between travel and tourism is simple. A tourist experiences disconnected sights and sounds and enjoys them without drawing meaning. A traveler roams the earth, digests what he sees and hears, and collects them in a framework of understanding, which he both brings to his travels and deepens with travels. The former is a pleasant interlude in your life. The latter is about life itself.