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249.20 USD Per Month Room in Rio Dulce Guatemala

2010-07-26 09:30:57

249.20 USD Per Month Room in Rio Dulce Guatemala

Proving I can live for under 500 Dollars per month in Tropical Paradise locations all over the planet. Here is a video explaining my Hotel in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. I work on the internet; therefore, I pay an additional 50-100 Dollars per month as a business related cost for 24/7 Internet access. I can easily get a room here for 125-150 Dollars per month without the Internet access.

Andy Graham, a.k.a Me in front of the Swimming Pool at the Hotel La Fonda Escondida where I have lived for the last month for 249 dollars. Note, an apartment is usually cheaper than a hotel; a hotel is competing with tourist, while an apartment needs to stay at local pricing, therefore can be much cheaper.

Rio Dulce, Fronteras, Guatemala --- Monday, July 26, 2010
On the river by the name "Rio Dulce" in the city of Fronteras, Guatemala
By Andy Graham of


Video of the Hotel La Fonda Escondida

This is the Despensa Grocery, owned by Walmart here on the Rio Dulce River in Guatemala. The back of this grocery is on the river and boats, drive up to the back, and park. I always make my travelers nest close to a super market, life is cheaper.

ATM machine, I have not used Traveler Checks in 12 years of travel, the word has ATM machines, even in Africa.

Contrary to any mythical, misinformed opinions, there is always medical assistance and Doctors close. Yes, I admit, if I wanted to get better treatment for something special, I would go four hours by bus to Guatemala City, but most medical problems are simple.

Mario the owner of this Internet Café behind the BanRural Bank helped me buy a new cord for my Laptop Computer. Mario speaks perfect English and truly a good person to help with Computer problems.

If you want knowledge here in Rio Dulce, I recommend you talk with Jody at the small convenience store in front of Brunos, however I do not recommend you stay a Brunos, for tourist, I suppose Tijax is best, but sort of in a swamp to live, but for tourist we can call it a Jungle….

View from the bridge that goes over the Rio Dulce (River Sweet). Note, anywhere near that bridge is a horribly noisy location for a month. If you want super cheap, try the Sindy Hotel next to La Fonda Escondida or other hotels in the center of the city. The super nice apartments for cheap, would be towards San Felipe.

I lived here in Rio Dulce to see if I like the Sailor bunch, let me explain it this way. There are people who love their dog more than people. Well, I think Sailors love their boats more than people, and focus on objects; I always want to find nice people, Sailing is not the same goal. I may one day hitch a ride here and there on a sailboat. However, unless someone gives me a Sailboat for free, which for sure would be easy enough to do, I am not going to be living on Sailboat soon.

This is the Sundog Bar, the central hangout for expats or foreigners in this area. Not many women, mostly this is a bar for crusty old sailor types, a hard drinking bunch. Yet, if you want an answer to a question, this is the best place to ask.

Rio Dulce is about a 2 on a 10-point scale for women, 10 is the best --- I met these three beauties and soon found out, they are Latinas living in California who came back to visit their families. (Imported)

Review is Finished

I came to Rio Dulce to explore the lifestyle of sailors, I am leaving less enthused. I think the life is too solitary for me, and for sure, this bunch drinks more beer than they sail. Now, the world is big, I am sure there are many ports, but this hurricane safe port was my best choice in the Caribbean area of the planet.

I am positive now I can get a 37-40 foot sailboat for less than 5000 dollars without a problem, when I want one, if I want one, most owners of Sailboat pay continuously for something they seldom use.

I am off to San Pedro Sula, Honduras tomorrow; I think I will go find another 200 Dollar room in Tela, Honduras for month. This is located right on the ocean, and should be more interesting culturally.

249.20 USD Per Month Room in Rio Dulce Guatemala