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2011 October 30 Leave USA to Caribbean Island of Domincan Republic

My parents and I left the house in Orland, Indaina and drove me to the South Bend Airport, about 60 miles away. I then caught a 10:30 Coach USA bus for 35-40 USD to Ohare International Airport in Chicago about three hours away. The Spirit Air flight was delayed, about two hours so they would not allow me to check in, and nothing do but wait, all the store are on the other side of the check in.

The lady at the check wanted to see the onward ticket, and I gave here my fake one and it passed.

I got a 30 day visa, which renew by doing nothing for 90 day (I think) for 25 USD at the DR Airport.

Nothing went right with Spirit Air, the plane were delayed, but strangely they got my bag through in a 10 minute layover in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. But we set on the tarmac for a wind sheer thunderstorm to stop for about 1.5 hour, then left for Santiago. DR.

I arrived about 3:30 AM, paid 18 USD or 600 Pesos for Taxi to Caribe Tours and waited for the first bus to Sosusa for 160 pesos, arriving at Anas house at 10:30 am, about 26 hour trip.

No doubt, the girls in Guatemala are ugly compared to DR.

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