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2011 May 31 Entered Dominican Republic Left USA Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the 90th country I have visited in my life.

I am flying today from San Juan, Puerto Rico (USA) to Santiago, Dominican Republic. I am going to count Puerto Rico as a foreign country, mainly because the common person considers them that way, and the USA does not allow them to vote. In reality, they are some type of outlying territory or the USA jurisdiction.

San Juan, Puerto Rico USA
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


Being a Tourist is hard work.
I walked around and looked at a Fort for 4-5 hours the first day, then spent about six hours paddling around in a Kayak in the dark the next night, which was pretty cool in an American Pie sort of way.

It was a great trip, and I learned tons from my friend Steve about how to manage a large travel site, and enjoy Carolina Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This beach is probably one of the better sunbathing and girl watching beaches on the planet.

Bioluminescent Bay
The Bioluminescent Bay (also known as Puerto Mosquito, Mosquito Bay, or "The Bio Bay"), is perhaps the world's largest and brightest. The luminescence is caused by micro-organisms (dinoflagellates) which glow whenever the water is disturbed, leaving a trail of neon blue. A combination of factors create the necessary conditions for bioluminescence: red mangrove trees surround the water (the organisms feed off the dead leaves); a complete lack of modern development around the bay; the water is cool enough and deep enough; and a small channel to the ocean keeps the dinoflagellates in the bay. This small channel is the result of Spanish ships' attempts to choke off the bay from the ocean's waters. The Spanish believed that the bioluminescence they first encountered was the work of the Devil ('El Diablo') and tried to block the ocean's waters from entering the bay by dropping huge boulders in the channel. The Spanish only succeeded in preserving and increasing the luminescence. Kayaking is permitted in the bay and can be arranged through local vendors. Swimming is allowed on limited basis through guided tours.

2011 May 31 Entered Dominican Republic Left USA Puerto Rico

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