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2011 May 29 Entered Puerto Rico left Dominican Republic

2011 May 29 Entered Puerto Rico left Dominican Republic

It is amazing, I just entered the USA yesterday as far ad the IRS is concerned, yet the citizens of Puerto Rico cannot vote for the President of the USA. I am using Dollar, yet I am not really in or out of the USA, sort of weird half/ country.

This is a great Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The place is modern, and twice as warm and friendly compared to the DR, but then again I am in the Howard Johnsons on Carolina Beach and it is an intelligently designed hotel.

San Juan, Puerto Rico USA
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


There is no such thing as a Hotel Critic?
There are 1000’s of Restaurant Critics, but as best I figure out, there is no such thing as a Hotel Critic. The reason is simple; nobody could afford to live in all the Hotels in a city to truly critique them.

Hotel reviews to ME are the most part worthless
I was in an "UnNamed" 4 Star Hotel in Santiago, Dominican Republic, that drove me nuts. As sat in what look absolutely gorgeous I started tripping over huge design flaws. The DR Hotel should have taken the architect out back as is the Latino custom and shot him, truly not sense of functional design.

However, in a night and a day in the Howard Johnson, I have only found what I consider a flaw.
"The towel is not long enough to wrap around my body and bind up so I can walk around in the room with a towel."

I could list out some ideas for improvement, however generally the Hotel is doing a good job, as well as can be expected in a Latino service environment.

However, the Santiago Dominican Republic Hotel… aagh Horrible

I have thought of hiring myself out to Hotels, I would gladly do a private critique of a Hotel for two weeks of free room and board. Maybe I could promise a list of 50 improvements that would cost almost no money to implement.

10 Hotel Problems in DR ROOM

The first one was too stupid for words, there is no electrical plug.

The coffee maker was sitting on top of the dresser, all nice and proper. I put the coffee into the top, poured the water into it. I then switched it on, and looked at it, waiting to hear the perk sound. I look behind the dresser, it is not plugged in, I did not care much, and this is maybe safer for the Hotel patrons. I pull out the dresser; there is not even a plug close. I had move the coffee maker to another location and find a plug, amazing stupid.

1. There was not WIFI Internet connection, only one worked after I diagnosed and repaired it, it appears there are too many connections to the router and I had to bump someone off.. Hehehe

2. Air Conditioner was noisy, and did not have enough Freon, and made a bubbly noise all night.

3. There was no temperature gauge on the thermostat to the AC; I just had to guess what was proper.

3. TV Remote had too many, buttons truly an overly complicated clicker

5. The electrical switches to lights were behind my pillow, I could accidentally turn on the lights while I sleep.

6. One reading light on the side of bed, not two, I had to sleep on the left side of the bed if I wanted to read.

7. One sink in toilet, only one person could shave or clean at a time.

8. The desk had no open plug; I needed to unplug the clock to have an available electrical outlet.

9. There was inadequate lighting at the desk, and I had to search for the inline switch on the desk lamp.

10. All the light switches were in awkward non-standard locations.

11. Towel too small to wrap around me.

12. Mirror on one side of shower area, and the electrical plug on other end far from the mirror, the light was not centered on mirror.

13. I had a safe, but they did not give me the key, too small for camera or computer

14. I had no television signal in in the morning when I woke up.

15. No fitted sheets, strangely rather normal with hotels.

16. Wash rags, shampoo and other toiletries were places on opposite end of shower area, so a person hat to carry them to the shower to use.

17. One bottle of water, with no way to buy more, therefore a person is forced to drink tap water at night if they consume more than one half liter.

Generally, I am immune to getting excited to live in a Hotel room, I want to enter, lie down on the bed and not stumble over inconveniences. Then again, I have lived in at least 1000 different Hotels in my life, checking into a Hotel is not a fun experience. While if you work the 9-5 and go on vacation, the feeling of walking into a luxury Hotel is feeling of luxury, this squirrels your opinion.

Generally, the only person that could truly analyze a Hotel or Review properly is a business traveler that lives half his or her life in a Hotel; this is the best person to appraise a Hotel.

Then again, I suspect that 50-80 percent of all reviews were actually submitted by the owners of the hotel, to game the review system.

Generally, the Santiago, Dominican Republic Hotel felt luxurious, but if you truly felt the problems because you lived in a Hotel for 13 continuous years, the Howard Johnson in San Juan, Puerto Rico was the true high class living.

One was a pretty face, with nothing inside, the other has true substance.

2011 May 29 Entered Puerto Rico left Dominican Republic