2011 March 21 left Senegal entered Ghana

I am in Cape Coast, Ghana, Bah my girlfriend did not show up yesterday, She picked up the Western Union money at about 10:00 AM in Elubo, Ghana. She called me at 6:00 pm and said the van broke down, and there were no others all day. Blah Blah Blah Bah…

I left Senegal where the locals treated me with indifference, as if my presence in the country annoyed them. Ghana has many problems, however on the Richter Friendliness Scale, it is way above Senegal. Ghana is about a 7-8 on the friendly scale, while Senegal is a 3, they are not really unfriendly, they just are not there, a nothing. However, Ghana has some radical pain in the butt men who sometimes believe they are God but the majority of people are great.

Journalizing is so unfair, one bad apple, one bad person can make a country come across as horrible. However, it would be ridiculous to ignore my feelings when writing in my diary. I have had months to complain about Ghana because I stayed "in country," however, as you can see I fled Senegal after 15 days, enough was enough in many ways. We do not leave places we like, even if we are complaining, leaving is the ultimate complaint. Returning means there is something good about the place, even if at a conscious level is seems difficult to know.

Love is never leaving, it is a lack of action, the inability to stop, it is a good addiction, and when you are ‘in country" you feel stronger.

I debarked the plane in Accra, Ghana, cleared customs, airports generally suck on planet earth, therefore, nothing worth talking about. I took a taxi to the Kaneshie Market for 20 Cedis and entered an Air Conditioned "Ford" vans to Cape Coast for 8 Cedis.

The girl above came to sell me a sachet of water for 5 pesetas, then she stayed to watch. I needed to call Bah in Ivory Coast, therefore I had already purchased a five Cedi MTN prepaid card. I was in the process of trying to scratch off the area that covers the code, the pleasant girl took the card, helped me scratch it, then loaded the credit onto my cell phone. I was happy, the directions are in about number 6 font, too hard to see for me.

I kept admiring her, truly a beautiful girl, the photos makes her look bad, but in reality she was a small girl, maybe 16 or 17, just becoming a big girl. It felt warm to have someone pay attention to me, nobody in Senegal cared, I was amazed at the coldness of the manager of the Auberge Via Via, she was a queen ice cube, all the right manners, but nothing there, a zero, truly without a soul.

This "Small Girl" had a soul, she was nice, when I say "Small Girl," I am more or less saying not ready to get married age. I gave her one Cedi, in one swoop she made 20 times what she could make selling one bag of water.

I have an ear for souls, I instinctively feel the good souls around me and avoid the bad ones, I am always amazed when other travelers talk with souless people, this is very dangerous.

Ghana, WestAfrica --- Monday, March 21, 2011


I am in Ghana, I keep thinking about a reader who wanted me to give Senegal a chance, maybe outside of Dakar the people are culturally better. However, if a person visiting New York did not like it, they could not come to Indiana and suddenly like the people of the USA better. Yes, Indiana is a little warmer, but not radically, foreigners generally cannot suss out the small nuance.

Cultures change at the borders of countries, cultures change when the language changes, the culture changes with religions. Indiana was in a way a country, then it because a state, but all is blurred now. It is a lot of work to look for good in people, it is much easy to say, this is not obviously a nice and warm culture, then leave, there is no obligation to give a country a chance, this truly does not obey the "prime directive of travel."

Ghana is obviously friendlier, engaging, wants to talk, smiles, and generally overall a better place to visit than Senegal,

Wiping Butt in Senegal

2011 March 21 left Senegal entered Ghana