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2011 Lake Atitlan is an Incredibly Great Deal Because of USA Recession

2011-06-28 08:19:56

If you are going to retire overseas, try to find a locations where you can fly direct, cheap, and in less than 3-5 hours. You need to accept you are fat, old, decrepit and need to be able to fly back home to the hospital fast…. Hehehe

If you are female, gorgeous, between the age of 25 and 35, and want help, I will be glad to assist, but please send photo.

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala is a great destination for old and fat people, the ones that are about to keel over dead. There are plenty of direct flights to GUA. And, once you get in Pana there are small Tuk Tuks to haul your fat butt around very cheaply.

Tourism is getting hacked to death outside the USA, and Guatemala is an now incredibly good deal., you can rent houses in many places here for 200-250 USA, but watch your steps, this is the fat people problem.

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


Guatemala's Version of Tuk-Tuk, Guatemala
This photo's source is HoboTraveler.com: Guatemala's Version of Tuk-Tuk, Guatemala

There are four problems to travel to Guatemala

1. You need to negotiate the price of Hotel, you cannot just say yes.
2. If you get a reservation for the Hotel you will destroy the deal, get a one-night reservation..
3. People believe what they read or watch on television about countries, and somehow believe this place is dangerous, which for the most part is ludicrous.
4. Why come for week, when you can come for two months, it is cheap.

Ghana is safe, Guatemala is less safe, and Sosua was rather dangerous, but Ivory Coast was safe, except when at war.. hehehe

Try to find Flights Here

Plastic Wrapped Luggage for 10 Bucks in Santiago DR Airport

2011 Lake Atitlan is an Incredibly Great Deal Because of USA Recession

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