Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?

2011 Entered October 12 USA and Left Guatemala

I flew in on four hour flight from Guatemala City to Chicago, Illinois arriving at around 2:00 am, then waited until 4:50 for a Coach USA bus to the South Bend, Airport. My parents picked me up at 9:00 am, and took me home to Orland.

Quiet, clean, no dust, tons of food and again it is very quiet, the USA is a comfortable place with a lot of temptation to buy unneeded food.

I will fly from Chicago with Southwest to Las Vegas on the 26, the flight cost 139 USD and allow bags for free, what a windfall. I can stay in a room in Vegas for three days for 81 USD.

I am trying to buy a cheap ticket to BKK, Bangkok on the 29th of October, 2011. When in BKK, I will get a Visa to India, and head over to Goa for a couple of month.