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2010 Internships with

We have had three people sign up for Internships. This is a new project; I know I will enjoy talking with readers. It will be a fun to share my experience with aspiring writers, photographers, designers, graphics, and journalist, etc. Never, sure what to call this, it truly covers a broad range of skills, however, I know this has something to do with the Internet and Computers.

This is your chance to help the site and learn how Andy Graham of does whatever he does, a firsthand view.

This is free; however, you will be required to do five hours of work for the site per week for seven weeks for a total of 35 hours.

Who can apply:
Anyone can apply, I will review the applications, choose the best. I will try to group together the proper mix of photographers, writers, coders, designers, and other related fields.

Seven Week Rotation
This will rotate, each week the group will focus on one of these topics:

1. Choosing Your Business or Domain Name
2. Research and Data Collection
3. Design - Layout - Graphics
4. Search Engine Optimization
5. Monetization
6. Writing
7. Photos

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Friday, January 1, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

You will be required to join in a conference call every week for one hour. On this conference call, we will discuss one of the topics above. You will be assigned a project for that is related to the topic of the week.

You will Receive
Contributor Sites Credit with a link to your page if you have one.
Signed Certificate from upon completion.
I will assist you to receive University Credit if possible.

Apply Job Application

Apply anytime; a person can enter into the conference call the following week, after acceptance. I hope to run this project for years.

Thank You,

Andy Graham CEO/Owner

2010 Internships with

Phil J

Great idea. It will benefit a lot to people and certainly give them a new perspective on what it takes to do your job. Keep up the good work.


Really enjoyed Phil Johnson's comment. Chuck Wow's did not rate a Wow! from me, sorry Chuck.
I am an "Ex Pat" who has resided in one region, Central America, for the last 23 years, and due to health reasons, do not do much "traveling" anymore. Have good friends in the country where I live, live simply on my small pension and am really happy that I was able to leave the States (love the USA but not certain things about living there) when I did.

Regarding Mr. Wow's comment
There is no "heaven" on Earth, in my region of Central America many travelers and wannabe ex pats read that Costa Rica is civilized, crime free paradise. Not so, a lot of "PR" hype, like El Salvador and Guatemala is not ll gangs, thieves, poverty and corrupt cops. 98-99 of people everywhere are law abiding, some just surviiving day to day.

I have friends, mostly Vets like I am who ex pat in both Thailand and Phillipines, as well some in Vietnam and Cambodia and love it there, of course there are rough edges, security issues, one has to cope and manage in any place on earth. Sometimes S---- crapy things can happen in a split second, anywhere, anytime. The most dangerous thing I do every day in the city where I reside is to cross main streets, crazy drivers run red lights, drive while on cell phone or worse, while texting messages, and I gotta be super aware. Most used cars are not insured here and if they hit a person, and can "run" they will..happens everday in good old USA as well. Getting H1N1, then infection then pnuemonia, then one night abscess behind lung hit me like a hammer. At least finally quit smoking after 40 years and am on the mend. Got really good care at the public hospital here.

Regarding the project..great! Wish I was not "Technically challenged"..I am a Tech Dummie...I would aply.

Thinking of starting up a portal this new year (with some assistance) for common sense advices, hosting, networking and relocating services for those wishing to retire, relocate, work in my region
All is possible if you have the gumption and are not lazy. There are some young people who travel abroad seeking work, a minority find their niche, others give up, mostly those with people, cross cultural and language skills who have been told by doting parents, teachers, friends up north that THE WORLD OWES THEM A LIVING. Not so.

I love hobo traveler, but not being a traveler anymore would like to help more fellow ex pats to make transition and adapt.

Anyway best for 2010, keep up the good work and keep the newsletter coming, enjoy it. Fewer and fewer non 'politically correct' honest travel/moving overseas bloqs and forums around.

Contacted several hotel owners in El Salvador regarding andy's hotel web page project, but when the local hotel owners expect Tech Dummie ME to do all the work, sorry. Gave up on that locally.

Anyhow Hapy New Year to one and all.

Give and help to help when able, home country or traveling overseas, matters not. you get back 1000

PS One thing I learned in teh recovery rooms up north was to "Identify" and "Don't Compare" with others experiences. Goes for travel too. Sorry Andy, find too much "comparing of countries" on your essays at times, when one finds a place they don't like, for one reason or another, pull out and head NW by NW, when you find thae places taht resonate, like thailand, stay around a while. KISS. You know what that means.