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2010 Enter Ghana Leave Togo December 7

2010-12-06 21:24:35

I hope to enter Ghana today; I am writing this with the assumption there is zero reason why I would not cross the border from Lome into Aflao. Then I will proceed north to a small village called Kpetoe and search for a room, the guiebook drops the ball. I want to edge up close to Accra soon, but not enter this city of overwhelming traffic jams. My French friend said, "Accra Go Slow Go Slow."

There is supposed to be two type of Kente weaving in Kpetoe, the Ashanti version and the Ewe version. I wish to get clear in my mind what this cloth is, because it was part of the traditional dress of locals.

Lome, West Africa --- Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Why Ho or Kpetoe, Ghana
I am still rather weak from the Malaria; it kills blood cells so people are a little anemic after killing off the parasite. Generally, I am not ready for the incredible amounts of traffic or the almost delusion of Accra that it is a world-class city. I would rather push into what could be a little more of the Ashanti tribe culture, the true heart of Ghana in my opinion. There is also Lake Volta that was formed by a Dam to create Electricity that is a small Tro Tro ride away.

Ghana Beaches
I have visited many of the coastal cities in Ghana and there is almost no reason in my opinion to believe you are going to have enjoyable beach experience, so I am trying to stay inland.

A Need for English
I am fried on French, the language has permeated my brain for the last few months and I want to switch to Ghana English. I want to just relax and talk, the sense of being a foreigner has a lot to do with not talking the language. Not that French is the language in Lome, Ewe is the true language of the area, and it will probably dominate Kpetoe. However, at least the default business language would be English.

3G Internet in Ghana
I have been tethering my Verizon BlackBerry Bold with global internet, this works great, with However, Togo is the 2G network and jumping up one speed level should allow me talk on and call my family and friends. I have a friend Mark in the finger lakes area of New York that I normally call three or four times a week and talk, I miss our discussions and the friendship. There is a complicated mix of emotional needs that need satisfied, and the need for a more intuitive conversation is part of my emotional need mental network.

I am not an island, I have no desire to be hermit, even though I am emotionally strong enough to be alone for months at a time, I still need to be aware I need people. Happiness is a strange thing, I can be happy talking with the local girls, but I have no desire to talk with the men in West Africa, generally a like having a guy walking into your toilet, not close the door and lift the seat and start pissing, this would be my feeling around them when too closely involved.

I do not use the normal way of travelers, they seem to cuddle up in small groups of foreigners and avoid the locals in a way, talking but not engaging. Then trying to find the high-class area of a city to avoid the normal, sort of trying to find as close the USA as possible while in Ghana or Togo or whatever country. I do not understand this need, I try to walk away from the USA or Western culture and the father the better, if I wanted the USA culture I would not play around, I would enter the West and have the authentic feeling. It is sort of like eating at a Thai Restaurant, it is not same as being in Thailand. Well, eating at an Americanized restaurant in Ghana is not America, it is a fake experience.

2010 Enter Ghana Leave Togo December 7