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2010 Enter Dominican Republic Leave Haiti

I have entered Dominican Republic on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at the Belladere Haiti - Elias Pinas border. There are three major border crossings between Haiti and Dominican Republic, this is the middle one and I believe the least used.

Haiti Immigration
The Haiti immigration did an extreme search of my bags; it was probable the most ridiculous search of my bag in 12 years of Travel. There was a group of 10 people watching, as they made me open things up for just the sake of curiosity. They made me pay 10 dollars to exit, I believe, but I am not positive, I believe this was Haiti corruption. Normally a person is not searched leaving a country by land; the full searches should have been on the DR side, not the Haiti side.

Dominican Republic Immigration
They were all asleep standing there in front of me; I tried my best to get my camera out of the bag. A woman who stamped my passport screamed at a Haitian couple for 30 minutes while I waited for her to finish. This is first, people are screamed at in line, one quick one, like get back to the end of the line, but not continuously for 20-30 minutes. I would have loved to make a video, but way to dangerous. The faces on the people outside the office listening to this highly unprofessional woman were humorous.

One of the worst border crossings on the planet, this makes Africa look like true professionals. I suppose the southern border of Niger is also too stupid. The other 15 I know are good enough, nobody screaming, just the normal people, standing around asleep, their minds in slow gear.

Map of the Dominican Republic, one of two countries in this larger Island between Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

Elias Pinas, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, January 7, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

The trip was easy enough, however this is from the perspective of a traveler who has does not think 10 hours on a bus is a strange thing.

This map of the general area helps you to understand the relationship between the Islands. Even though they are close, the language barriers are steep. The country of Haiti I just left at a severe disadvantage because the language of the common people is Creole. Even though I speak French, it was of little value, I finally realized towards the end, I should have tried to talk English with everyone.

First Impressions of Dominican Republic

1. Five times cleaner.
2. Here in Elias Pinas they are still very black.
3. The language is Spanish, but there are many people who do not understand Spanish.
4. There is an ATM in Elias Pinas, a small city, while in smaller cities in Haiti there were none.
5. I am paying 10 dollars for a room, which is twice as good as the room for 15 dollars in Mirebalais, Haiti. There is some strange Hotel economics in Haiti, I have left that behind.
6. I have not been called Blanc one times since I entered.
7. A girl said “Adios” to me, this is hello in Spanish. (Be careful, do not correct me.) She did it from across the road, I did not know her, and this did not happen in Haiti.
8. Food, there is eatable food here, I at Rice with Chicken, and an Ice Cream Cone.
9. Less aggressive comments, I left the Macho behind.
10. I think the water may be worst here in DR, but the electricity seems a little better, although it went off one time yesterday.
11. I met two white men from the USA, I have not talked to White people in a long time, there truly was almost zero White people in Haiti, I only saw United Nations vans, I did not even see NGO vehicles in Haiti.

This is travel post is a marker, a chronological marker in the Travelogue, to help assist me in remembering. I also need to have this for the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Government.

2010 Enter Dominican Republic Leave Haiti


With Your Friends you say, the true nature of humans is experienced when there is no witness. I would say you are traveling to prove you are special, the big fish in a little pond problem, the earmark of small people is to refuse to allow another opinion.

Hitler stopped peple from talking, this is what you want to do, you can disagree, this is fine, but to tell me I have no right proves you are truly narrow minded.

I would almost bet you are with a Non Governmental Organization or a Missionary.


"the earmark of small people is to refuse to allow another opinion."

Amen! The worst arguments I have had with people have been when they refuse to allow me my own opinion. They refuse to agree to disagree.